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name given to the African-American U.S. army regiments commissioned by Congress to patrol the American West after the Civil War. Consisting of two infantry and two cavalry regiments, they were the first such units chartered in peacetime. The troops, which formed one fifth of the army's forces in the West, served as guards for pioneer wagon trains and helped in the development of Western towns. Still known as buffalo soldiers, the all-black regiments distinguished themselves in the Spanish-American War and World War II. They continued in army service until the U.S. armed forces were integrated in 1952. Largely unsung until the late 20th cent., they were memorialized in a 1994 bronze monument at Fort LeavenworthFort Leavenworth
, U.S. military post, 6,000 acres (2,430 hectares), on the Missouri River, NE Kans., NW of Leavenworth; est. 1827 by Col. Henry Leavenworth to protect travelers on the Santa Fe Trail. The oldest U.S. military prison (est. 1874), and the U.S.
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, Kans.
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His original Buffalo Soldier research and his creation of an individual soldier to tell the broader story reveals the importance of the Buffalo Soldiers and the role that many culturally diverse individuals and communities played in the history of the national parks.
Any military or black studies library strong in early American military history will find VOICES OF THE BUFFALO SOLDIER to be an excellent survey of the black military experience on the plains frontier.
On April 23, their contributions to the Army and the Southwest were recognized at the dedication ceremony of the Buffalo Soldier Legacy Plaza.
The Buffalo Soldier, who my character is based on, died before we started shooting.
The UK's leading Bob Marley tribute band, Trenchtown Experience, armed with the original structure of Marley and The Wailers, set about recapturing the crowd with a set loaded with old favourites including Buffalo Soldier and Is This Love.
Moses Trinidad: Buffalo Soldier by Michael Walter Tudda Infinity Publishing, November 2005 $17.
Enter stage right Buffalo Soldier and two remixes, which are, quite frankly, boil your own head rather than listen to, bad
Native marksman aims bathing Buffalo Soldier has white-welt whip scars he lowers rifle shotless rides for the next winter lake
They include the Fast Sealift Ships, Maritime Prepositioning Ships, the Buffalo Soldier, Green Wave, Strong American, and even the Comet, of long-ago MTMC voyages.
Visani's Fly Free Buffalo Soldier, 2000, is a kind of arte povera rifle constructed of brass tubing, lace, bells, tinfoil, upholstery tacks, feathers, and horn.
Bills coach Wade Phillips is going with Rob Johnson at quarterback instead of medal-chested Buffalo soldier Doug Flutie because the offence is the lowest-ranked passing unit left in the AFC (20th in that category overall).
Riders with the Buffalo Soldier Motorcycle Club of Albuquerque, N.

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