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buffalo soldiers,

name given to the African-American U.S. army regiments commissioned by Congress to patrol the American West after the Civil War. Consisting of two infantry and two cavalry regiments, they were the first such units chartered in peacetime. The troops, which formed one fifth of the army's forces in the West, served as guards for pioneer wagon trains and helped in the development of Western towns. Still known as buffalo soldiers, the all-black regiments distinguished themselves in the Spanish-American War and World War II. They continued in army service until the U.S. armed forces were integrated in 1952. Largely unsung until the late 20th cent., they were memorialized in a 1994 bronze monument at Fort LeavenworthFort Leavenworth
, U.S. military post, 6,000 acres (2,430 hectares), on the Missouri River, NE Kans., NW of Leavenworth; est. 1827 by Col. Henry Leavenworth to protect travelers on the Santa Fe Trail. The oldest U.S. military prison (est. 1874), and the U.S.
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, Kans.
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Presentations will include stories from legendary Yosemite rock claimer Glen Denny to the amazing tales of the African American troopers, known as the Buffalo Soldiers that patrolled the Yosemite wilderness and served a crucial role in the stewardship of these lands in and Sequoias Parks in 1899, 1903, and 1904.
Army units after the Civil War, the Buffalo Soldiers were some of America's unsung heroes until Bob Marley made their story famous.
A decade ago Shelton began a journey to tell the untold story of the Buffalo Soldiers in Yosemite and Sequoia-Kings Canyon National Parks.
Major General John Custer reminded all in attendance that, although many other Army installations claim they are the home of the Buffalo Soldiers, Fort Huachuca is the true home of the black soldiers.
It's a fantastic break for Welsh actor Tom, whose other film credits include Buffalo Soldiers and Vera Drake.
The Ensemble Theatre, the country's largest African American-owned theater company, is in Houston, as is the Buffalo Soldiers National Museum.
And it's nothing like as much fun as Joaquin Phoenix's not dissimilar Buffalo Soldiers from 2003.
The showcases feature a variety of weapons from the Old West and photographs documenting some of the history of the Buffalo Soldiers, including a photo of the African-American soldiers firing an early machine gun.
50) by Emily Raabe consists of Buffalo Soldiers And The Western Frontier; The Gold Rush: California Or Bust
Buffalo Soldiers is a refreshingly anarchic snapshot of army life, shot through with humour as black as the camouflage paint on the soldiers' faces.
THINK of a cross between Sergeant Bilko and M*A*S*H with a dash of Catch 22 thrown in and you begin to get an idea of what Buffalo Soldiers is all about.

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