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buffalo soldiers,

name given to the African-American U.S. army regiments commissioned by Congress to patrol the American West after the Civil War. Consisting of two infantry and two cavalry regiments, they were the first such units chartered in peacetime. The troops, which formed one fifth of the army's forces in the West, served as guards for pioneer wagon trains and helped in the development of Western towns. Still known as buffalo soldiers, the all-black regiments distinguished themselves in the Spanish-American War and World War II. They continued in army service until the U.S. armed forces were integrated in 1952. Largely unsung until the late 20th cent., they were memorialized in a 1994 bronze monument at Fort LeavenworthFort Leavenworth
, U.S. military post, 6,000 acres (2,430 hectares), on the Missouri River, NE Kans., NW of Leavenworth; est. 1827 by Col. Henry Leavenworth to protect travelers on the Santa Fe Trail. The oldest U.S. military prison (est. 1874), and the U.S.
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, Kans.
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A year later, the National Park Service dedicated the "Colonel Charles Young Tree" in memory of both Charles Young and the Buffalo Soldiers. (24)
Men portraying buffalo soldiers posted the colors at the dedication of the memorial.Gabriel C.
"Working at the Detroit Buffalo Soldiers Heritage Center has been a pleasure over the years, and Edith is a wonderful client!" he said, adding, "I treat each client's horse as if it were my own."
This intense and superbly well written story tells of a girl who moves from a slave to eventual freedom via the American Civil War and active service in one of the black regiments of the American Army, nicknamed the 'Buffalo Soldiers'.
At the turn of the last century, African-American US Army troops --called "Buffalo Soldiers" by their Plains Indians adversaries--served as some of the first Wilderness Rangers in Yosemite and Sequoia National Parks.
since age 15, and served among the Buffalo Soldiers during World War II, earning two purple hearts.
The song commemorates African American soldiers' important part in expanding the American territories via their admirable 'fight for survival.' The family history siteis making its records of these actual Buffalo Soldiers who inspired the song, available to the public, free of charge.
My father's war; fighting with the Buffalo soldiers in World War II.
The "V" shaped hull, along with its armour and ballistic glass help to keep the Buffalo soldiers safe.
memories as representative of the soldiers (Buffalo Soldiers) with whom
Jim is lame after an attack by horse thieves and eventually aligns himself with Lieutenant Fowler as a scout for the buffalo soldiers at the fort.

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