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The building blocks now form the foundation of your defense and it becomes a team game.
Could he create molecular building blocks of macroscopic dimensions by stacking his Lego-like peptides in a staggered arrangement?
Nano-structures: Developments in areas such as atomic force microscopy and its variants have allowed material scientists to see the world in a new way and understand bow to build materials from smaller scale building blocks.
The functional building blocks of Fibre Channel systems: SerDes, PBCs, repeaters, and retimers are used throughout the SAN in order to generate, receive, and steer gigabit speed serial signals.
Vacca of the Max Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics in Garching, Germany, estimate that the building blocks that created POX 186 collided about 100 million years ago.
In that 1953 study, Miller showed how the organic building blocks of life could have developed in the primordial ocean.

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