building core

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core, 6
1. The center of a plywood or crossbanded construction; it may consist of lumber (solid or glued) or particleboard; serves as a base for veneer.
2. The internal structure in a hollow-core door.
3. The wood chips cut from a mortise.
4. The metal bar to which a handrail is attached.
5. The internal structure which serves as a base for complex plasterwork.
6. The molded open space in a concrete masonry unit.
7. The filling within a thick hollow stone wall.
8. The filling between a lintel and relieving arches.
9. A cylindrical sample of hardened concrete or rock obtained by means of a core barrel and drill.
10. A part of a multistory building, containing a variety of service and utility functions, as elevators, stairwells, etc.
11. That part of a magnetic circuit (usually steel or iron laminations) about which are wound coils in electromagnetic devices such as transformers, solenoids, relays, etc.; a magnetic core.
12. (Brit.) The conductor of a cable with its insulation, but not including any outer protective covering.
13. That portion of a grille, 2 contained within the frame.
14. Of gypsum board, the hardened material filling the space between a face paper and a back paper; consists primarily of gypsum with additives.
15. (British) Same as blockout.
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The number and location of access points into the building core and its facilities directly affect the shape and length of the corridors next to it.
Main features: Project management market including building core missions (esq, aps, apd, pro, exe, act, det, aor) and complementary missions (see Access Rules)
building core mission in the field of rehabilitation with diagnostics (Diag) implementation studies (exe), scheduling, management and coordination (Opc) iff coordination (SCIS), environmental quality (QEB) completed a mission energy monitoring the building for 2 years after delivery.
New building core mission with implementation studies and pilot scheduling coordination, in line with Decree No.
site planning; building core and shell; spaces and pathways; Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning (HVAC); and interior fit-out).
Because this project was conceived as an investment building with no particular user/tenant in mind, if was important to develop a methodology to ensure that the objective of environmentally responsible design be maintained throughout the project, not just in the base building core and shell.
This programme contributes to our MDGs by delivering public services, and building core government capacity and functions and will result in improved planning and delivery for development priorities by 2016.
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