building foundation

anchor bolt, foundation bolt, hold-down bolt

anchor bolt
1. A steel bolt usually fixed in a building structure with its threaded portion projecting; used to secure frameworks, timbers, machinery bases, etc.
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The New York Building Foundation (NYBF), the charitable arm of the New York Building Congress, awarded over $65,000 in grants to programs during their latest, fall 2017 submission cycle, NYBF leadership announced.
While we started as a chimney service, many people don't realize we're the leading provider of historical masonry restoration and historical building foundation restoration in Connecticut," he continued.
Contract Award for: Construction of Barrack Building Foundation with 6-storied foundation at Chittagong Railway District Police Line, Chittagong.
In our November 2014 issue, we said the first African continental think-tank summit was held in Pretoria in February, organised by the University of Pennsylvania, the African Capacity Building Foundation (ACBF), the African Leadership Center, and the Institute for Security Studies, entitled Think-tanks and the Transformation of Africa.
In addition, since the new Animal Community Center was built on a former industrial site, toxic materials such as lead paint, Freon and mercury were removed and 90% of the concrete from the old building foundation was reused to build the new foundation and roadbeds.
PRINCIPALS MATTER: A GUIDE TO SCHOOL, FAMILY, AND COMMUNITY PARTNERSHIPS is all about building foundation policies based on research into school, family and social interactions.
Many superbly illustrated, local examples of landslides, floods, building foundation problems, watershed management and mineral deposits history are repeated in the new text.
Benefits include a systematic approach to building foundation reading and math skills using individualized training programs, consistent, automated monitoring, management and reporting tools to track students, classroom or school progress and one web-based interface, one username and password and one database for the entire school district.
The original building foundation plans were not available to demolition contractor Dallas Contracting Co.
The African Capacity Building Foundation (ACBF) has selected Blackwell's Book Services and Ebook Library as the primary providers of print and digital materials for its Library and Information Centre.
At a total price of nearly DKK100m Unicon has agreed to sell its activities in wholly-owned Carolina Concrete Pumping Inc to Coastal Concrete Pumping in North Carolina and to effect a management buy-out of a minor affiliated activity within building foundation," FLS Industries said in a statement.
is marketing a home or commercial building foundation system that absorbs energy from an earthquake.

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