Building height

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Building height

The vertical distance measured from the grade level to a flat roof or to the average height of a pitched, gable, hip, or gambrel roof, not including bulkheads or penthouses.

building height

The vertical distance measured from curb or grade level to the highest level of a flat or mansard roof, or to the average height of a pitched, gabled, hip, or gambrel roof; in general, bulkheads, penthouses, etc., are excluded provided they are relatively low and do not occupy a large percentage of the area of the roof upon which they are located.
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The benefit for investors by gaining floor space over the building height of 100 and more stories (or above approximately 300m) is much higher than the initial investment cost for the elevator system.
The evaluations of the impact of building height and distance for signal loss are presented at Fig.
In a 5-3 vote, the Eugene City Council on Monday passed an ordinance that will limit building height in the two neighborhoods to 65 feet.
But existing regulations limit building heights in the center of the City of Light to 82 feet, and they relax to just 121 feet near the periph, the 22-mile-long concrete beltway that, Veronique Vienne says, "chokes the 41-square-mile capital inside city limits that have been set in stone for more than 150 years" With many of the six million people who live in the Paris metropolitan area commuting daily from homes beyond the periph, pressure has been growing on the city proper to provide more housing, and at affordable prices.
Bill Baker, SOM's structural engineering partner, said the building height is economically possible because of a newly invented structural system, the "Buttressed Core.
The house's metric scale was determined by multiplying the face print by the observed building height to get the "weighted face print," which represents the perceived impact of the structure from the street.
Variations in relief and building height will introduce a more vibrant and dynamic cityscape.
Decatur has special pedestrian-friendly regulations which control downtown building height and require buildings to front on the street and meet the sidewalk.
Most importantly, the committee rejected a proposal to remove provisions NAA/NMHC had placed in the International Building Code (IBC) that allow an extra story and additional building height when owners install an NFPA 13R sprinkler system.
It was also unclear how many particles existed in the atmosphere above building height.
Depending on building height, Type 2 construction includes enlarged stairwell landings with communication access to accommodate residents awaiting rescue.
Round face Make a round face look softer by building height to the top of the hair.

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