building site

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1. An area or plot of ground with defined limits on which a building, project, park, etc., is located or proposed to be located.
2. The specific location of a building or buildings.
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Based on what they learned, the children have now been asked to design a colourful poster that focuses on building site safety.
Anthony, from South Shields, said: "To arrive at hospital and walk into the middle of a building site is shocking.
The children enjoyed seeing the homes being built, and as it's round the corner from their school, it's important for them to learn about the dangers of playing near building sites.
30pm most days and children are being forced to stay indoors during their summer holidays because of the building site dangers.
PQ]) for controlling a network on the building site (see Fig.
A police spokesman said emergency services were called at around 5pm to the building site in Church Road.
If you are going to build a large structure, you have to run a lot of tests on the building site to learn how the soil will behave in relation to the building's foundation," said Dr.
Every year more than 100 children are seriously injured playing on building sites.
The state supreme court first noted that the regulations define a building site as the portion of a lot on which a single building is placed and a setback as an area which cannot contain any structures.
The town of Waterloo will receive a grant of roughly $130,000 to assist with road improvements and extension of water and sewer to the building site.
However, I'm not afraid to get my hands dirty and toiling on a building site wouldn't faze me.
So, an optimal building site is near water or a flat, open spot, at the end of a mountain range; the longer, the better.

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