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1. An area or plot of ground with defined limits on which a building, project, park, etc., is located or proposed to be located.
2. The specific location of a building or buildings.
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"We are very grateful to Mark and Thomas for coming along and talking about the importance of safety on a building site and to Bellway for making this very generous donation, which will enable the children to feel like they are experiencing what it is really like to work in the construction industry."
"Youngsters are often on the lookout for somewhere new and exciting to play, but building sites are not adventure playgrounds," said construction Director Steve Cartwright.
Pupils at St Lawrence Primary School in Byker met safety mascot Luke Safe when the Byker Community Trust (BCT) teamed up with building 'rm Keepmoat to raise awareness of potential hazards on the building site.
| GOOD WORK: Building mascot Ivor Goodsite spoke to children from Crosland Moor Junior School about building site safety (S)
"The children enjoyed seeing the homes being built, and as it's round the corner from their school, it's important for them to learn about the dangers of playing near building sites."
Health and Safety Executive (HSE) inspectors will be making unannounced visits to building sites to ensure companies are complying with regulations.
Back home, the model could potentially be used to assess soil conditions for remote building sites where traditional testing is impractical or unduly expensive.
Guy Walker, NFB regional chair for Wales, said: "To a child, a building site is an adventure playground, not just in the holidays but all year round.
In 2005, the Doyles filed an application with the town planning board to subdivide their parcel into three building sites with the largest, Lot 3, consisting of 52 acres.
She added: "At the end of the day boys will be boys and building sites are very exciting places for young lads.
A MAYO union leader has claimed foreign workers are living in caravans on building sites and are being paid as little as EUR15 to EUR20 a day.
DETECTIVES in the Midlands and Border counties are hunting a gang involved in the theft of machinery and tools from building sites.

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