Building subsystem

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Building subsystem

An assembly of components that performs a specific function in a building; for example, an air-conditioning system consisting of its components, such as ductwork, a fan, air diffusers, and controls.

building subsystem

1. A complete group of elements or set of parts that form and function as a unit within a finished building.
2. An assemblage of components that perform a specific function in a building, e.g., an air-conditioning system consisting of its components such as a fan, ductwork, air diffusers, and controls.
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2 shows an example of three building subsystems, a lighting system, space-people system and a hydraulic heating system.
Invitation to tender: Technical Documentation For Obtaining A Construction Permit For The Upgrade Of The Water Supply Sub-Systems In The Area Of Grobnik And Building Subsystems To Transport Water To Platku, All For The Purpose Of Water Supply S.
Due to the category and classification tracks from a European perspective with the selected network TEN - T (freight corridor) is necessary to meet the requirements of regulations and EU directives on railway interoperability - to meet the requirements of Directive 2008/57 / EC for building subsystems concerned, D4 class load capacity and loading cross section Z-GC and ensuring operability.

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