building volume

above-grade building volume

The volume of a building (in cubic feet or in cubic meters) measured from the average adjoining grade level to the average roof level, and from outside to outside of exterior walls, but not including breezeways, porches, or terraces.
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These centers will serve as initial platforms for building volume and revenues, for training new surgeons in the KeraVision Ring procedure, and for creating consumer interest through nationwide publicity and promotional programs that will be generated by the initial surgical sites.
GS 1500 is unique in using typical foundry materials and in its building volume, which promises significant improvement in molds productivity.
Less weight, less steel and less building volume result in smaller foundations, less construction time and site work.
Version 4 also supports recently added new products including ADR Cross Books and VWAP, a trading strategy building volume on Harborside+.
Raveis realized that the old business model of building volume through acquiring other brokerage firms, retaining more agents and marketing traditional real estate services more aggressively was quickly trending in the wrong direction-extinction.
Through a bold yet assured handling of scale, light and colour, Denton Corker Marshall have succeeded in enlivening a dauntingly large building volume in an invigorating and accessible way.
The foreshortening has the dual effect of allowing Leiviski to introduce a cross-axis into his slim building volume and to acoustically reinforce the liturgical importance of the delivery of the sermon in the Lutheran ceremony.
In addition, it has been successful in building volume from private label and outsourcing opportunities from insurance companies and other institutional offerings.
This outlook is based on the continued success of our multi-layered growth strategy in building volume, generating same-store sales growth in the range of 2% to 4%, and expanding our franchise income base.
Hallerhaus, three floors, basement, with pitched roof / flat roof building volume approximately 10 000 m3, built in 1884
Our knowledge of exotic materials and sophisticated machining processes required to produce such products are valuable trade secrets for prototyping new products and building volume production capabilities.
The breakable building complex is situated in the island area, between the hospital building tracts Bettenhochhaus, intensive care, emergency and surgery center INO and dermatology and consists of: Haller House, three storeys, basement with gable roof / flat roof building volume approx 10~000m3, built in 1884 Ludwig-Haus, three-storey, without a basement with a gable roof, building volume approx 13~200m3, built in 1895 wooden shack with temporary office use, building volume approx 600m3, built in 1980 Dismantling of decay tanks for nuclear medical waste The remediation includes mainly the following elements: Weakly bonded asbestos (SG) - Line mortar - Cardboard / sealing cords fire door - Lightweight panels in electrical distribution / u fluorescent tube lamps.

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