bulb shape

lamp bulb

The glass envelope enclosing the luminous element or material of an electric lamp; usually made of glass, quartz, or similar material; its shape usually is designated by a letter (e.g., T–tubular, G–globe, etc.), followed by a number which indicates the maximum diameter of the bulb in eighths of an inch.
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The bulb, developed in its East Cleveland, Ohio LED lab, packages 27 W of input power in a standard "A-19" bulb shape.
The bulb, developed in its East Cleveland, Ohio LED lab, packages 27-watts of input power in a standard "A-19" bulb shape.
It allows to obtain the changes of the bulb shape and to automatically remesh the fore part of the hull form for each design case.
But the small glass is the traditional hyacinth bulb shape, and as the water from the ice melts, the colours change from electric green to creamy lime.
The compact fluorescent works much the same way as a standard fluorescent light, but the thin tube curves into a round bulb shape that fits neatly into most lamps.
The figure following the bulb shape letter designation is the bulb's maximum diameter in eighths of an inch.
This is followed by leaf arrangement, bulb scale type (jointed or entire), seed weight (heavy, light), and then bulb shape and habit.
We beheld a 75-footer that had created a bulb shape at the bottom, because the lower layers of the cliff face are softer and erode faster than those above.
The spot, or PAR, lens works in recessed and track fixtures; the bulb shape fits well with many desk or pendant lamps; and the funky twist style can function as a futuristic lava lamp when displayed bare.
Elongated, tall symmetrical bulb shape with a delicate paper tail at the top of the clove
Look out for the pretty tartine tea light holder, with its lovely bulb shape, and strong handle so that you can hang it from a tree.