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another name for mock orange and lilac (sense 1)


1. Med an instrument, such as a hypodermic syringe or a rubber ball with a slender nozzle, for use in withdrawing or injecting fluids, cleaning wounds, etc.
2. any similar device for injecting, spraying, or extracting liquids by means of pressure or suction

What does it mean when you dream about a syringe?

A syringe is a fairly obvious symbol of male sexuality. A dream about being injected with a syringe can reflect concerns about one’s health, or it can be a more general anxiety dream if we have a particular dislike of shots and of having our blood drawn. It could also represent a feeling that we are being influenced by someone else. (See also Needle, Vaccination).


An apparatus commonly made of glass or plastic, fitted snugly onto a hollow needle, used to aspirate or inject fluids for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes. Also known as hypodermic syringe.
A large glass barrel with a fitted rubber bulb at one end and a nozzle at the other, used primarily for irrigation purposes.
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Also, NRP guidelines do recommend clearing the airways with a bulb syringe or suction catheter if airway obstruction is evident or positive-pressure ventilation is required.
A saline nasal spray can help rinse the nasal passages--you might also want to consider using a bulb syringe or neti pot to rinse your sinuses.
His parents tried their best to remove the secretions at home with the bulb syringe but his mucus was simply too copious and too thick to do so effectively.
s Baby Ayr, followed by a bulb syringe as the best, safest way to help clear an infant's nasal passages.
It is designed to have some of the features of the bulb syringe but all the advantages of wall suctioning.
The policy at all birth sites was to suction the oropharynx of each meconium-stained neonate with either a catheter or bulb syringe before delivery of the infant's shoulders or trunk.
The nasal cavity and nasopharyax were then irrigated with normal saline administered with a 60-ml bulb syringe.
A saline nasal spray can help rinse the nasal passages, and you might also want to consider using a bulb syringe to rinse your sinuses.
You also may find relief from nasal irrigation, using a bulb syringe or a neti pot to flush out your sinuses.