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the delicate mucous membrane that covers the eyeball and the under surface of the eyelid
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the connective membrane of the eye.

The conjunctiva is the transparent mucous membrane that covers the posterior surface of the lids and the anterior surface of the eyeball as far as the cornea; therefore it is distinguished, respectively, as palpebral conjunctiva or ocular (scleral) conjunctiva. The tunica conjunctiva consists of an epithelial layer and a connective-tissue base. It contains glands that perform the function of supplementary lacrimal glands. The conjunctiva is rich in blood and lymph vessels and sensory nerves.

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The mucous membrane covering the eyeball and lining the eyelids.
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Tlymphocytes were most abundant in the trabecular meshwork and in the perivascular connective tissue in the sclera and bulbar conjunctiva. Scattered T-lymphocytes also were seen in the peripheral corneal stroma and epithelium in animals with corneal neovascularization (Figure 5, panel E).
Our image set consists of 141 images of the bulbar conjunctiva. The images show a side view of the eye, from the pupil to one of its opposite corners (lacrimal area or corner of the eye area).
(i) At day 1: (1) blebs were elevated and with significant hyperemia ([??] indicates elevated bleb); (2) the connective tissue of the bulbar conjunctiva was markedly oedematous and loose and vascular dilation and congestion were obvious, with an abundance of infiltrating neutrophils.
Complete excisional biopsy was performed in March 2010, showing a malignant melanoma of the bulbar conjunctiva, with 1.9 mm in thickness.
(Fig.1) The pterygium was then lifted from the body by giving stab incisions on its either side through the conjunctiva excised from bulbar conjunctiva and peeled off the corneal surface removing the tenon's capsule and episcleral from underneath.
It is present at the limbus for up to 360 degrees and at the exposed interpalpebral bulbar conjunctiva. Malignant transformation is extremely rare and occasional observation is recommended.
In eleven patients (11/20, 55%) the tumour was located at the temporal bulbar conjunctiva, in three patients inferotemporally (3/20, 15%) and in the remaining seven patients in other locations (Table 1).
A 32yr old female presented with painless progressive growth from the bulbar conjunctiva near the inner canthus of the right eye along with swelling of the right upper eyelid and superomedial quadrant of the right orbit for five years.
The photoprotective cosmetic composition is non-irritating to a mammalian eye, and exhibits on a scale of 0 to 3 at least one of a bulbar conjunctiva irritation score of 0.4 or less and a palpebral conjunctiva score of 0.4 or less.
Bulbar conjunctiva was unexpectedly very well pigmented.
Hemangiosarcomas are tumors originated from vascular endothelium, and in the eye, they are generally manifested by the bulbar conjunctiva. A few case series of these neoplasms are reported in cats and dogs (MULTARI et al., 2002; LIAPIS & GENOVESE, 2004; HARTLEY et al., 2006).
describe a similar image analysis technique for Hgb concentration estimation that focuses on the bulbar conjunctiva capillaries rather than the retinal vessels (20).