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antelope: see hartebeesthartebeest
, large African antelope, Alcelaphus bucelaphus. The hartebeest resembles a horse with horns. It has a very long face and a small hump between the shoulders; its coat is fawn or reddish and its ringed horns curve up and inward in a U shape.
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(bo͝ol`bo͝ol), bird, common name for members of the family Pycnonotidae, comprising 119 species of medium-sized, dull-colored passerine birds with short necks and wings, native to Africa and S Asia. Bulbuls are famed as songsters and are popular as cage birds in the Middle East; frequently mentioned in Persian poetry, the word bulbul is often mistranslated "nightingale." Bulbuls range in size from 6 in. (15 cm) to about 12 in. (30.5 cm). They inhabit grasslands and shrubby countrysides, from sea level to 10,000 ft (3,050 m) in the Himalayas. A common Asian species, the red-whiskered bulbul, Pycnonotus jocosus, is easily tamed and is popular as a cage bird. Bulbuls feed mainly on fruits and berries and sometimes do crop damage. They build cleverly concealed cup-shaped grass nests, in which the female lays from three to five eggs per clutch. Both parents brood the nestlings. Bulbuls are classified in the phylum ChordataChordata
, phylum of animals having a notochord, or dorsal stiffening rod, as the chief internal skeletal support at some stage of their development. Most chordates are vertebrates (animals with backbones), but the phylum also includes some small marine invertebrate animals.
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, subphylum Vertebrata, class Aves, order Passeriformes, family Pycnonotidae.
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brachydactylous thrushes (Pycnonotidae), a family of birds of the order of sparrows. They have distinctive filiform feathers on head and back; coloration of males and females alike is in gray, olive-green, yellow, or brown tones. There are 15 genera incorporating 120 species; the bulbul is most widespread in the tropical and subtropical zones of the eastern hemisphere. In the USSR the red-eared bulbul (Microscelis amaurotis), the size of a thrush, is found on southern Sakhalin Island. There are three to five eggs in a clutch. The birds feed mainly on berries but also on insects. They sing well (hence the name: in Persian and Turkish bulbul is the nightingale).

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As I rest after a long journey and take the time to reflect, I hear the bulbul's song tell me: "Nature offered me the gift of life to sing my beautiful song, but if you allow our Mother Nature to get sick, I will no longer be here to sing."
Miss Bulbul (Malik Salman Khalid) 8-6, Mohammad Hanif 1; Costa Rica 8-10, Aamir Pervez 2; Abdullah Princess 8-6, Aftab Chaudhry 3; Wali Choice 8-4, Deenar Mirwani 4.
Also spotted were the orange-bellied and red-keeled flowerpecker, coppersmith Barbet, Asian glossy starlings, and white-eared brown, zebra spotted, and the Philippine cuckoo dove, and the endemic Camiguin bulbul.
According to Bulbul, she has checked the data carefully, analyzed it again and divided it into subgroups.
Talking to media District Sports Officer, Jamshid Baloch along with artiste Zardad Bulbul, said that he is making all efforts for the promotion of sports activities in the district and provide equal opportunities to both male and female players in which he said he had achieved success.
Bulbul also found the emission line while studying clusters of galaxies in 2014.
She faced the cameras last for a short film titled Bulbul.
"Bahraini bulbul is a classic example - the law names the bird and we have reported the public trading of the bird (both endangered and migratory) to the SCE with documented proof, but nothing has been done till date.
Heavy bombardment was launched by the forces of the Turkish regime and its mercenaries on the residential neighborhoods in the city of Afrin and citizens' houses and farms in the villages of the areas of Jandieras, Bulbul, and Rajo, local sources told SANA.
Victor added that another bird that may become potentially invasive in Oman is the red-vented bulbul. "The red-vented bulbul is an introduced species from the Indian subcontinent.