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The model used in this work provides simultaneous, self-consistent representations of the elastic and bulk moduli for polycrystalline ceramics as functions of temperature and porosity.
Munro, Effective Medium Theory of the Porosity Dependence of Bulk Moduli, J.
Note that viscoelastic tests in the rubber industry are compressive, while finite element codes such as ABAQUS and MARC require decay in shear and bulk moduli to define Prony series.
These equations are numerically solved to yield the values of effective shear and bulk moduli for the composite.
The bulk moduli of PS and PVAc calculated from the excess enthalpy/volume data are in a relatively good agreement with normally reported K values usually obtained by hydrostatic means.
E, G, K and [Nu] = Young's modulus, shear and bulk moduli and Poisson's ratio of the isotropic phases, respectively.
In the former system, excellent agreement with experiment for the change of bulk moduli over the whole range of volume fractions ([less than or equal to] 0.