Bulk Modulus

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bulk modulus

[¦bəlk ′mäj·ə·ləs]

Bulk Modulus


the ratio of the value of uniform pressure to the value of the relative volume compression caused by this pressure.

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Moreover, a better understanding of variations in fluid density and effective bulk modulus is thus essential for modeling and simulations of such FTPS struts in order to achieve reasonably accurate predictions of stiffness and damping properties of the struts.
where: [beta] is the isentropic bulk modulus [Pa]; u is the speed of sound [m/s]; [rho] is density of the sample [kg/[m.
For example, Munro proposed a 70 % uncertainty in the Poisson ratio and a 24 % uncertainty in the bulk modulus.
On distribution of bulk modulus k one can observed two maximum corresponding to fracture orientations.
wettability) and bulk modulus, were not affected significantly (p-value < 0.
13) relates Young's modulus (E), bulk modulus (B) and [upsilon].
the laboratory compressive strengths were reduced by about 40% to represent the rock mass strength, the bulk modulus and shear modulus were used in place of direct elastic moduli, and cohesion in place of rock mass strength as:
Feedstock viscosity and bulk modulus measurements are made during the filling stage by analyzing hydraulic, melt, and cavity pressure profiles before the entire part is filled.
This equation is widely used for the rock physics modeling and it relates bulk modulus of rock to properties of pore, frame and fluid.