bull head

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bull header, bull head

1. In masonry, a header with one corner rounded; used as a quoinin brick window sills and at doorways.
2. A header which is laid on edge so that the end of the masonry unit is exposed.
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The Disco Bull Head will remain on site until October 8.
Pals James Walton and Michael Dooley came up with the idea to dress in drag, something joker Bull Head would have enjoyed himself.
"There was only one Bull Head, with his banter and sense of humour and he was always joking with his mates.
"We were all friends with Bull Head. He had a heart of a lion."
Bull Head narrated his deeds in great detail and Hodgson's daughter, Katherine, transcribed the narrative translated for her from the Sarcee.
A combination of 3D art and projection, Disco Bull Head will be coming to life every evening for two weeks, and will be at the heart of performances by local music, dance and cultural groups, including Swing Express, Pantasy Steel Band, Eternal Taal, Siobhan Collins McCarthy Ballet group and Rhythmn Junkiez Shoppers at Bullring can get involved with Disco Bull Head by taking selfies and posting these to social media using #DiscoBullHead, to be in with a chance to win a PS50 gift voucher each day for the best selfie.