bullet catch

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ball catch

A door fastener having a contained metal ball which is under pressure from a spring; the ball engages a striking plate and keeps the door from opening until force is applied.
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Announcement of competition: The contract consists of the reconstruction of the bullet catch housing, mainly in concrete and steel on track 3 in Rena Leir.
Other tricks include a riff on free speech that involves the suggestion of a flag burning and a bullet catch that nods to the Second Amendment.
In the episode which went out in April, the killer trick was the Bullet Catch, which has killed 12 magicians who tried to catch a bullet in their teeth.
Bullet Catch The Arches, Glasgow ENDED A MAN with a gun pointed at his head under the Arches at Glasgow's Central Station might sound like something from yet another Taggart repeat or a more recent episode of River City.
And as if that wasn't enough, he undertakes one of the most famous illusions in magic; the bullet catch.
In 1988, then teenage magician Dorothy Dietrich performed the bullet catch at Donald Trump's Resorts International's 10th anniversary to a shocked audience in Atlantic City.
I've come up with 35 new illusions for it - including the bullet catch.
Highlights of "The Mysteries of Magic" include contemporary performers discussing the excitement and danger surrounding tricks like sawing a person in half, dramatic escapes and the infamous bullet catch.
Announcement of competition: New bullet catch in fire tunnel on weapons workshop for test firing of weapons.
But the jewel in David's crown is his attempt at the infamous Bullet Catch, a trick which sees a 22-calibre bullet being fired at pointblank range directly at the magician, who then has to catch the bullet in a small metal cup in his mouth.
His grand finale tonight is the infamous Bullet Catch trick.