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(1) A collection of official acts, decrees, edicts, and so on.

(2) A brief official informational announcement—for example, military summaries or bulletins on the state of health of an outstanding government leader.

(3) A periodical or continuing publication devoted to a specific group of problems—for example, Biulleten’ Verkhovnogo suda SSSR (Bulletin of the Supreme Court of the USSR).

(4) An election bulletin—that is, a sheet of paper used for voting with the name of the candidate written on it.

(5) A hospital list, or bulletin—a disability list, used for registering the diseases of manual or office workers.

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You can get a list of environmental bulletin boards across North America and Europe--"The Green BBS List"--by down-loading it from the Earth Art BBS at (803) 552-4389, where the list originates.
Hines says most crime bulletins originate from subscribers, but the board's operators also post general advisories.
Libraries are different from bulletin boards: the NMSS Forum on America Online offers users access to resources of the Society's Information Resource Center, as a database, or library.
What makes Bulletin's app unique is the level of constant connectivity with others over web and mobile devices," says Michael Messner, Vice President of Business Development, Bulletin.
In December 1999 the district court ruled in favor of Law Bulletin, holding that while LRP did not violate copyright and that the "license agreement" required by Law Bulletin could not extend protection to uncopyrightable materials, LRP had engaged in "deceptive acts.
LM Series mills for rubber and silicone applications are highlighted in a one-page, four-color bulletin.
Web sites are replacing electronic bulletin boards the same way CDs replaced albums, said Jana Covell, the city's media services coordinator.
Anderson stated that in Texas the department had undertaken to clarify the law without regard to Bulletin 95-1.
Pennsylvania Library Association Bulletin, 27(4), 184-186.
We are delighted with the results from Anti-Virus Comparative report and proud to continue our long-running history in receiving our 41st Virus Bulletin award," said Rick Moy, vice president of marketing, ESET LLC.
The service delivery platform's built-in support for APS allows for the integration of the Bulletin Messenger suite into iiNet's cloud delivery systems.
The Legal Developments section of the quarterly Bulletin will contain Board orders issued under the Bank Holding Company Act, the Bank Merger Act, the Federal Reserve Act, and the International Banking Act.