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(1) A collection of official acts, decrees, edicts, and so on.

(2) A brief official informational announcement—for example, military summaries or bulletins on the state of health of an outstanding government leader.

(3) A periodical or continuing publication devoted to a specific group of problems—for example, Biulleten’ Verkhovnogo suda SSSR (Bulletin of the Supreme Court of the USSR).

(4) An election bulletin—that is, a sheet of paper used for voting with the name of the candidate written on it.

(5) A hospital list, or bulletin—a disability list, used for registering the diseases of manual or office workers.

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A Revenue Administrative Bulletin published by the Michigan Department of Treasury in 1995 had administratively imposed the real object test without legislative action or adherence to the State's Administrative Procedures Act.
The Combi thermoregulator that heats water to 95 [degrees] C and oil to 150 [degrees] C is featured in a two-page bulletin.
Because one-half of Tempe's residents live in rental properties, the CAU developed various online bulletins to compare apartment communities, per unit, by types of crime or calls for service.
Subscribers can receive bulletins by crime type, geography, or other categories.
AcSEC's conclusions on financial accounting and reporting matters are included in SOPs, audit and accounting guides and practice bulletins.
In addition to protecting customers from the Internet Explorer vulnerabilities, TippingPoint Intrusion Prevention Systems were inoculated against all remotely exploitable issues in today's Microsoft bulletins through the Digital Vaccine[R] service.
BBS software is designed to do most of the maintenance functions, including setting and monitoring user access requirements, purging old messages, updating file lists and bulletins, and deleting users who have not called the BBS within a specified period of time.
Bucks responded that the purpose of Bulletin 95-1 was to bring some clarity to the area.
AUSTIN, Texas -- TippingPoint, a division of 3Com and the leader in intrusion prevention, today announced that three of the Microsoft vulnerabilities published and patched in today's Microsoft bulletins were discovered through TippingPoint's Zero Day Initiative (ZDI).
company to be carrying on business in Canada, as stated in paragraph 26(g) of Interpretation Bulletin IT-27OR2.
Based on clarifications of the Act set forth in interpretive bulletins number 03-15 and number 03-30 (the Bulletins) issued by the New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance, an opinion of the Attorney General of the State of New Jersey received by Standard & Poor's relating to the Bulletins, and further analysis of relevant New Jersey statutory and case law, Standard & Poor's has concluded that it will now rate structured finance transactions that include additional New Jersey loans governed by the Act, in accordance with its criteria set forth below.
Weyerhaeuser Company (NYSE:WY) announced that it supports policy bulletins published by the U.