bulletproof glass

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bullet-resisting glass

A laminated assembly consisting of four or more sheets of glass stacked alternately with layers of a transparent plastic resin, then bonded under heat and pressure.
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These assessments will evaluate and recommend necessary security improvements such as metal detectors, safety training, bulletproof glass, and additional law enforcement on the ground.
By: Egypt Today PARIS -- 19 September 2017: Works began yesterday to boost security at the Eiffel Tower as an anti-terrorism measure, city hall said, with bulletproof glass walls set to go up around the world's most visited monument.
com , the Royal Canadian Mint produced only five copies of the coin, one of which was displayed behind bulletproof glass at Berlin's Bode Museum.
Other options will include B6 bulletproof glass, a Kevlar fuel tank, and Kevlar body panels.
Dara, inset, who co-hosts the new-look show with Angela Scanlon, told Square Eyes: "I have never been more appreciative of bulletproof glass than when I ducked into one of the ringside areas as I saw a shard of metal smash in front of our faces.
DARA O'Briain has revealed that he needed bulletproof glass to survive Robot Wars.
Our players were fortunate to be travelling in a vehicle with bulletproof glass.
Bulletproof glass also known as bullet-resistant glass, transparent armor, and ballistic glass is made up of transparent materials that can resist any damage from small projectiles and bullets.
The refractive index of both the glasses used in the manufacture of bulletproof glass should be the same to make it transparent.
But rather than a string quartet, they've got dress codes, X-ray machines and bulletproof glass to contend with.
The vehicle which Pope Francis will ride during his three-day visit to the Philippines next year will not be enclosed in bulletproof glass unlike the one used by Pope John Paul II in Manila in 1995, according to Manila Archbishop Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle.
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