bulletproof glass

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bullet-resisting glass

A laminated assembly consisting of four or more sheets of glass stacked alternately with layers of a transparent plastic resin, then bonded under heat and pressure.
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The visitors' hall where they met was watched by 20 security officers carrying rifles and surrounded by bulletproof glass.
MMA - so strong it's used tomake bulletproof glass - is banned in the United States, Canada and New Zealand.
The gunman became enraged, walked behind the bulletproof glass, and shot Locke in the face.
The Emergency Department at Northridge Hospital Medical Center has locks on the doors between the waiting and examination rooms and bulletproof glass in the service window between nurse and patient, just in case anyone gets out of hand.
A good part of the production of components for high-security cars, such as bulletproof glass, is produced in Brazil and shipped abroad.
Bush's 2000 inauguration ceremony, a winter-chilled event seen from a high perch behind the president, who stands alone on an aquamarine floor behind an icy shield of bulletproof glass.
Romag makes specialist blast and bulletproof glass for customers including BP, Securicor, banks and building societies.
Another company specialized in refitting sport utility vehicles with armor plate and bulletproof glass, making them invulnerable to small arms fire.
I'm here to help all of the women and men who are out there every day fighting in the trenches to preserve reproductive rights, to protect women as they enter the clinics, and to protect the doctors who must wear bulletproof vests and work behind bulletproof glass.
Although I'll miss getting my dinner of Fritos and Dr Pepper through the bulletProof glass drawer at the Texaco station, I'm proud to say I'm now Ybor Hilton for life, or, at least, for if I ever go back to a SPOT contest.
It has 5-centimeter-thick bulletproof glass in its glass walls and a crisis management center in the basement that makes full use of the latest technology.
Standing atop a sandbag bunker and protected by bulletproof glass, US President George W Bush peers through binoculars at North Korea yesterday and bluntly called it 'evil'.