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see finchfinch,
common name for members of the Fringillidae, the largest family of birds (including over half the known species), found in most parts of the world except Australia.
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(Pyrrhulapyrrhula), a bird of the family Fringillidae of the order Passeriformes. The bullfinch is about 18 cm long and weighs about 35 g. The tail and the top of the head are black, and the back is gray. The abdomen of females and young birds of both sexes is brownish; the males have a red abdomen (gray in southeastern Siberia and on the Kuril Islands).

The bullfinch is distributed in Europe and Asia; in the USSR it is found in the forest zone (except in northern Yakutia) and in the mountain forests of the Caucasus. The bird ranges widely in winter, sometimes even occurring in the steppes, often near human habitations. It nests in trees, mostly spruce. A clutch contains four to six light-blue speckled eggs, which are incubated mainly by the female for 12 to 14 days. The bullfinch feeds on seeds, berries, and buds (including the buds of fruit trees and lilac bushes). The young birds feed on seeds, which have been regurgitated by the parents.


1. a common European finch, Pyrrhula pyrrhula: the male has a bright red throat and breast, black crown, wings, and tail, and a grey-and-white back
2. any of various similar finches
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