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bullnose, bull’s-nose

1. A blunt or curved outside corner, as the corner made by two walls.
2. A structural member or trim having a rounded edge, as on stair treads, window sills, doors, etc.
3. In plastering, a metal bead used on exterior corners where rounded edges are required.
4. A small, hand-held carpenter’s plane with the cutting edge set near the front of the grip.
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When contacted, the Spokesman of the NPA, Adams Jato told TribuneOnline exclusively that the agency is aware of the dilapidated state of the Bullnose terminal building, and has begun efforts to rehabilitate it.
The auctioneers point out that Mr Williams is known to have hired a van to drive the band to Hamburg and argue that it does not require a big stretch of the imagination to think that the band manager used his Morris Oxford Bullnose to drive the band around Liverpool before they became really famous.
The bullnose ray is a benthic-pelagic eagle ray widely distributed in the western Atlantic and captured mainly with artisanal long lines, gillnets, and industrial shrimp trawls (Cervigon et al., 1992; Stehmann, 2009; Froese and Pauly, 2015).
Providing customized finishes on the Kashmir White bullnose and manufacturing complex products according to the specifications received, have provided a new height to this Indian granite exporter among the competitors.
2b), the shoulders are again flush, but the tenon is offset toward the outside edge of the brace (bullnose tenon).
Bullnose and square edges are offered as well as a marine-edge design for spill containment and to guard against items rolling off of the table.
One of the gardeners even managed to source a 1926 Bullnose Morris Minor as a centrepiece.
We provide various series of CNC Superior and High Speed Centers, Interchangeable Insert Centers, High Performance and Heavy-duty Rotary Centers, etc.,as well as Live Center NCP Type, Work-Driving Centers DK Type, Driving Clipper DC Type, Bullnose Center BC Type, Machine Tools, Live Center, Edge Finder.
Collard includes more than obvious animals: These might be the first children's books to display the gaudy pink feathers of Australian galahs, or the hard, flat teeth in the throats of bullnose rays.
The second half of the book moves on to the bullnose step, winders, railings, newels, and outdoor stairs.