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bullnose, bull’s-nose

1. A blunt or curved outside corner, as the corner made by two walls.
2. A structural member or trim having a rounded edge, as on stair treads, window sills, doors, etc.
3. In plastering, a metal bead used on exterior corners where rounded edges are required.
4. A small, hand-held carpenter’s plane with the cutting edge set near the front of the grip.
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Developing the curvy bullnose edges on Kashmir White needed advance machines and tools.
No longer is it sufficient for a bullnose guardrail to be able to withstand a head-on collision with a large automobile.
The unusual trophy is engraved with pictures of Bullnoses as well as trees and flags.
FUTURE: This 1913 Bullnose Morris featured in Peter Francis's Vintage & Classic sale this year
The trophy was believed to have been commissioned for winners of races or trials involving the Morris Oxford Bullnose, Britain's best selling car of the 1920s and the forerunner of the MG.
The Silestone comes in colors such as Brazilian Brown, Rainforest and Ivory Coast and the company offers various edges, including a double ogee edge and bullnose edge.
30 am will include a Bullnose Morris, Morris Minors from the late 1920s and the 1950s versions which sold in their millions.
It was taken over by William Morris in 1921 to produce engines for his famous Bullnose Morris car.
As bend stiffeners get larger and heavier, it is also important to note that the bend stiffener can be carried behind the bullnose of the Deep Down BS Latcher and engaged into the mating bellmouth quickly and efficiently.
Silestone standard vanity tops are pre-packaged to include all finished edges (a demi bullnose edge finish on the front, and straight polish on the sides), four-inch backsplash, undermount sink bowl cut-out with demi bullnose edge, three pre-drilled faucet holes, and a 10-year manufacturer's warranty.