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bullnose, bull’s-nose

1. A blunt or curved outside corner, as the corner made by two walls.
2. A structural member or trim having a rounded edge, as on stair treads, window sills, doors, etc.
3. In plastering, a metal bead used on exterior corners where rounded edges are required.
4. A small, hand-held carpenter’s plane with the cutting edge set near the front of the grip.
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The results of this study provide insight on the life history and landings data of the bullnose ray captured as part of a small-scale, artisanal fishery in Margarita Island--baseline information that would be useful for management and conservation of this little known and potentially vulnerable species.
The bullnose manufactured by the wholesale Kashmir White granite exporter from India has contributed an array of new products in the industry.
There are two kinds of solid wood edges involved in this project: 1/4-inch-thick by 3/4-inch-wide strips for the sides and ends, and 1 1/4-inch-thick by 1 1/4-inch-wide bullnose (rounded edges) strips to frame the lid.
Three courses of bright red bullnose wall tile indicate that the station is on the system's Red Line.
Figure 1 shows the B/Na weight ratio of precipitator dust and that of black liquor, smelt, and carry-over deposits collected using an air-cooled probe inserted in the superheater at the bullnose elevation.
A 1922 Bullnose Morris pick-up truck gets pride of place in a three-storey museum telling the tale of life through the ages on desolate moorland.
Reid reports that a recently completed project jointly conducted by the university center and MwRSF is a Bullnose Guardrail System for use in protecting support structures located in the middle of divided highways, particularly the bridge piers of overpasses.
Althoug h Tschumi is not considered a contextual architect, he adhered closely to the McKim, Mead & White elevations on Broadway with Flemish-bond brickwork and Vermont granite trim but introduced subtle differences like a bullnose string course in glass brick to correspond to the granite one of neighbouring Furnald Hall.
You can change the look of a pool but still blend it with existing decking by replacing the original coping tiles with a more muted material such as bullnose brick.