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Look like hotdogs on a stick. They grow at the edge of water and ponds. You can use the reeds (leaves) and weave them together to make a basket that can last 20 years. The white tender root in the springtime can be eaten raw or cooked and tastes like potato or carrot. Helps detoxify, chelate and remove heavy metals from the body. The green shoots when they are fresh in the springtime can be eaten raw in a salad, or cooked in a stir fry like spinach. When the hot dog thing is green early in the year, cut it off, steam or throw in boiling water, put butter and salt on it, tastes like sweet corn and is probably more nutritious than corn. As the year progresses and the hot dog turns brown and becomes furry, take it and grind into a flour with mortar and pestle. This can be done year round, including the winter months when the hot dogs stick up through the snow. You can do the same thing with the root, but you need a shovel to dig it out. It's a mangled ball of white starch which you can peel, dry and grind into a powder and make flatbread from it.
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"It was noted over the last couple of years that the diversity of wildlife was gradually reducing as the pond became overgrown with a dense mat of bullrush plants.
BULLRUSH No way through for Bulls' Jarrod Sammut last night
A couple of The Falcon's landlords were also farmers, and doubling up was likewise true of The Frog, or Frog and Bullrush, as it was called until recently.
Second place went to Bullrush (Ant Robinson), third to Sportivo (Wayne Tomlinson).
After about six months, I said my fond farewells to A J Parkers and started at Berry & Co working for two brothers who where two of the biggest characters I had ever met at that time of my life - George Fallon (Bullrush) and Ray Fallon (The Preacher).
Depute fiscal David Glancy said Hamilton, of Falkirk, and Grant, of Larkhall, Lanarkshire, visited Mr McKenzie's street offering to carry out work as Bullrush Roofers.
I thought SUPREME TADGH showed promise at Navan and Noel Meade's BULLRUSH should improve substantially from his run at Thurles when he stayed on to finish a distant fourth behind SOLERINA.
Bullrush is a mature nine-peg lake set on the edge of Gateshead and better known as the old frog pond.
J & J Cash woven silk picture of a grey heron fishing among the bullrushes of a pond and a Welsh cottage and the Principality's national flower.
a plant oil - possibly sesame oil;a "balsam-type" plant or root extract that may have come from bullrushes;a plant-based gum - a natural sugar that may have been extracted from acacia;crucially, a conifer tree resin, which was probably pine resin
As that reduces, so crofting is in decline, the bullrushes on crofting land and the moor returning to wilderness.