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common name for members of the Cyperaceae, a family of grasslike and rushlike herbs found in all parts of the world, especially in marshes of subarctic and temperate zones.
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(Scirpus), a genus of perennial, rarely annual, plants of the family Cyperaceae. The flowers are bisexual, in spikelets, gathered into umbrelled paniculate or capitate inflorescences. There are usually six perianth bristles; however, sometimes they are absent. There are two or three stigmas. More than 250 species are found throughout the world. In the USSR there are approximately 20 species, growing in damp places and in water. The great bulrush (Scirpus lacustris), which often makes up vast thickets, forms peat. Its stalks, measuring up to 2.5 m in height, are used to weave various articles. They are also used as material for packing, heat insulation, and construction. The stalks are eaten by muskrats and water rats. The species S. sylvaticus is fed as hay to cattle; its young shoots are a favorite food of deer. The species S. gracilis (native to India) and S. prolifer (native to Africa and Australia) are cultivated as ornamentals. The genera Holoschoenus and Dichostylis, which are distributed in the moderately warm regions of Eurasia, are sometimes considered as the genus Scirpus. Plants of the genus Phragmites of the family Gramineae are often incorrectly called bulrush.



1. a grasslike cyperaceous marsh plant, Scirpus lacustris, used for making mats, chair seats, etc.
2. a popular name for reed mace (sense 1): the name derived from Alma-Tadema's painting of the finding of the infant Moses in the "bulrushes" — actually reed mace
3. a biblical word for papyrus (the plant)
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The peace and quiet is like another world, with all the reeds and bullrushes.
As a tiny tot, he was cast as the infant Moses found in the bullrushes in one of his dad's smash- hit epics, The Ten Commandments.
To the north of the shared driveway is a further informal garden area with mature trees and a substantial established pond with water lilies and bullrushes.
When I visited last week yellow flag irises were sparkling in the sun, tall bullrushes stood like skittles and a clutch of iridescent dragonflies were busy creating the next generation of iridescent dragonflies.
And he has worked hard to create a pleasant water surrounded by mature trees, plenty of bankside bushes, reeds, bullrushes and specially planted weed beds.
MAGNIFICENT: A George Jones Majolica jardiniere on stand, with swans swimming among bullrushes and lotus blossoms.
rostrata) are ideal around the pond, but avoid bullrushes which will take over.
At the smaller end of the market the Quadrus Centre in Boldon provides start-up incubator space whilst further stand-alone office accommodation developed by Whelan at the adjacent Bullrushes provides move-on office accommodation.
Bindweed with its pink and blue trumpets, bullrushes and marsh reeds grew in profusion around the edges of the water.
The lawns are interspersed with specimen trees and continue to the all-weather tennis court and natural pond, complete with iris and bullrushes.
ANDREW Louis (Tel: 0151 330 5323/4/5) speak highly about this well maintained three bedroom house in The Bullrushes, Aigburth, Liverpool 17.