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Designs in ShoeMaker Pro can be made more realistic with the new ability to add bump mapping effects to materials.
The volume covers such topics as vertex processing, rasterization, illumination and shaders, parametric curves and surfaces, image texturing, bump mapping and character animation.
Scratch 3D, developed in 2005, is a bump mapping process (a process applied to computer graphics to give the texture of a surface), whereby the specular reflections of a contoured surface, such as leather, are 'mapped' on to plastic film using oriented scratches on the planar surface, which cause anisotropic reflection.
Keywords: Normal mapping, bump mapping, 3D reconstruction.
The exceptionally sharp output is based on internal true color that blends all textures in 32-bits; real environment bump mapping support; high texturing depths supporting up to 8 textures per pixel, and a texture depth not found on many current hardcore 3D boards.
Other new features include support for multitexturing, bump mapping, and cube mapping.
Other features include 32-bit internal true colour resolution, support for 8-layer multitexturing, DXTC texture compression and Direct3D compliant environment mapped bump mapping.
Advanced 3D features include special effects such as multi-layered textures, bump mapping to simulate rough surfaces and environmental mapping that gives objects reflective properties.
Currently, 3D graphics chips for PCs only go to work after T&L functions have been dealt with by the CPU, adding the texturing and bump mapping that fill out the geometric environment.
The Diamond Viper V550 also delivers a full hardware triangle set-up engine, full screen anti-aliasing, anisotropic filtering, 24-bit Z-buffer, 8-bit stencil buffer, bump mapping, MPEG, TV output and more.
2 includes many standout 3D graphics features including Bump mapping, Dot3 light maps, and a Light Grid system specifically designed for mobile platforms allowing for realistic static and dynamic illumination.
To enable games and other 3D titles to run with unrivaled image quality as well as at leading-edge frame rates, KYRO II supports highly efficient Full Scene Anti-Aliasing, Internal True Color, and Environmental and Dot3 Bump mapping.