bumper bar

guard bar

Any bar serving as a protection or a means of security, as a window bar, 3 or window guard, 2.
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Further, the agreement includes an option for the following 1) Self-adjustable driver~s seat2) Service agreements by the manufacturer3) A-frame / bumper bar controlled by the joystick in the cab4) Data collection via GPS with Automatic Service calls to the Offeror and the customer.
Hazard: The strollers' and RumbleSeats' bumper bar poses a choking hazard when a child bites the bumper bar and removes a piece of the foam covering.
The model features a large grille, a bisecting bumper bar, angular slivers, slimmer headlights, large wheel arches and a rear with redesigned L-motif taillights.
An optional extra electric winch for the front bumper bar assists in moving the vehicle if it gets stuck, in removal of obstacles and for moving heavy loads.
Silver Cross pram, complete with Alcantara-lined seat pad - a luxury suede manufactured in Italy - and soft leather-trimmed handle and bumper bar.
Silver Cross pram, complete with "Alcantara lined seat pad" - a luxury suede manufactured in Italy - and soft leathertrimmed handle and bumper bar.
The two companies claim the Aston Martin Edition of the Silver Cross Surf is "designed to perfection with every detail considered", down to the leather which is an exact match to that used in the cars and features an Alcantara lined seat pad - expensive suede made in Italy - as well as soft leather-trimmed handle, bumper bar and alloy wheels.
The bumper bar and handle are trimmed with soft leather, the seat padded with luxury material Alcantara and there's 'air-ride' suspension.
Aston Martin touches include the Alcantara lined seat pad - a high quality and expensive suede manufactured in Italy - to the super soft leather-trimmed handle and bumper bar.
The front wing had been torn off, exposing the chassis and radiator, and the bumper bar was dislodged.
Bumper Bar staff member Owen Day kisses his pint of Guinness
The teen drove a pounds 30,000 Mercedes from a mechanic's workshop in Stockton's Rycroft dealership, causing damage and leaving a bumper bar, Teesside Crown Court heard.