bumper guard

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guard bar

Any bar serving as a protection or a means of security, as a window bar, 3 or window guard, 2.
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NoJo will produce the complete Baby Guess at Home bedding program, including crib and bassinet sheets, decorative pillows, comforter and blanket covers, bumper guards, cradle sets, and dust ruffles.
Optional packaging, well-suited for field maintenance applications, adds a tilt-bail handle, front panel cover and rubberized bumper guards and feet.
The uncontaminated material is collected, transported and stored safely within the facility until being picked up by a recycling company, which bales and transports the materials to a plastics reprocessing firm for use in the manufacture of fence posts and parking lot bumper guards.
8 FROZEN FOODS: Blue trim and natural wood strips dress up the doored frozen food cases, while bumper guards on the lower part of the door protect them from shopping carts.
The Way On trim level features unique design 14-inch alloy wheels, bumper guards, flared wheel arches and roof rails.
These chairs come with bumper guards to protect against damage to the vinyl upholstery, and non-chip chrome plating.
By adding some visual touches, including eyebrow fender flares, a more aggressive grille, luggage rack, alloy wheels and rear bumper guards, the MPV looks appropriate in the sport-utility role.
Guide to damage-free interiors, a 14-page brochure, details protective products such as entrance mats, handrails, bumper guards, and wall protection.
Test It Out, for example, is decorated like a crash--Test area with a giant crash-test dummy and bumper guards.
Just before the Dodge LRT concept pickup made its debut at the 1990 Detroit Auto Show, a Chrysler executive ordered it disguised by adding extra accessories such as bumper guards, because it looked too much like the recently unveiled 1994 Ram pickup.
By introducing Acrovyn's new Pattern Collection, a rich choice of integrated stone and wood-inspired patterns available in 53 colorways, the company can now offer building professionals an aesthetic alternative to the more traditional, yet institutional looking, handrails corner guards, bumper guards, and crash rails currently in the marketplace.