bumper guard

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guard bar

Any bar serving as a protection or a means of security, as a window bar, 3 or window guard, 2.
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"Fascia started out encompassing bumper guards, then it was wrapped around to the wheel wells, and now it incorporates grilles."
In the bed, brand-new bumper guards with a duckling print,
For those of you who want to make your vehicle appear even butcher, Rover offers options of mud guards, bumper guards and front nudge bar.
A wide variety of available options on the Model 113 Pallet Truck include a 60" back rest on the 6,000 and 8,000 pound capacity trucks; rear mounted lift/lower and horn controls; an enlarged operator compartment to facilitate cross-aisle orderpicking; a compartment limit switch with override to reduce operator fatigue; dual stretch wrap holders to enhance orderpicking productivity; steel bumper guards for additional protection; plastic pallet centering guides for use where the bulk of the product is handled on plastic pallet skids; and a 32" battery retaining wall for use with batteries of up to 31" in height.
Crib-4-Life's unfinished pine, contemporary or oak baby cribs can be coupled with natural fiber bedding, like wool or organic cotton mattresses and bumper guards (Crown City Mattress is a popular brand), both available from Terra Verde.
NoJo will produce the complete Baby Guess at Home bedding program, including crib and bassinet sheets, decorative pillows, comforter and blanket covers, bumper guards, cradle sets, and dust ruffles.
Glue small, rubber "bumper guards" on the shells and add sand to the tank for a softer landing!
Optional packaging, well-suited for field maintenance applications, adds a tilt-bail handle, front panel cover and rubberized bumper guards and feet.
The uncontaminated material is collected, transported and stored safely within the facility until being picked up by a recycling company, which bales and transports the materials to a plastics reprocessing firm for use in the manufacture of fence posts and parking lot bumper guards.
8 FROZEN FOODS: Blue trim and natural wood strips dress up the doored frozen food cases, while bumper guards on the lower part of the door protect them from shopping carts.
Extras included $100 for rear bumper guards, $100 for door sill trim plates and $975 for the factory-to-dealer destination charge.
The top-end Way features rugged accessories like bumper guards, flared wheel arches and roof rails, while the Way On trim level adds a set of 14-inch custom alloy wheels to the package.