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There are sclerenchyma cells only at phloem poles and parenchymatic bundle sheath in the vascular bundles.
Vascular bundles contain bundle sheath thin wall and without chloroplast parenchymatous cells.
2] and feed it into bundle sheath cells surrounding the vascular system.
occur in stegmata overlying sclerenchymatous vascular bundle sheaths,
In C4 plants like maize, CO2 is primarily fixed to form malate in MC and then transferred into bundle sheath cells (BSC) by the C4 pathway to generate NADPH and release CO2, which is reduced by Calvin cycle.
Partitioning of carboxylase activity in nitrogen-stressed sugarcane and its relationship to bundle sheath leakiness to [CO.
in the form of a narrow ribbon but that other anatomical specializations of the bundle sheath (endodermis) cell wall occur in some taxa.
Bundle sheath is not prominent in small VBs, while sheath cells are of single and complete layer in large VBs (Table 1; Fig.
Mesophyll and bundle sheath protoplasts were combined and held on ice until used.