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Part of the process of bureaucratization is the development of employment practices that ensure that competent, stable, and reliable people are hired and promoted (Weber, 1958; Edwards, 1975).
Although he does not do this, he does argue that the union movement must come to terms with its historical role as a defensive element of society, one that seeks to protect workers against the onslaught of external competition and internal bureaucratization.
We explore the potential of this approach to deliver innovative, human-centric care solutions that combine the low bureaucratization and low overhead of communities with the scientific knowledge and technical skills associated to state- and market-provided professional care.
colonialism, neopatrimonialism, and hybrid state formation in Malaysia and The Philippines; patrimonialism, bureaucratization, and fiscal systems of British Bengal; innovations in trust; locating the ofamily-stateo.
One essay shows how by looking at Wikipedia we can better understand how a degree of "principles and guidelines of coordination" can be harnessed without succumbing to bureaucratization or other organizational control pathologies.
Von Saldern avoids a dogmatic approach but instead opts for a broad definition including party organization, bureaucratization, the differentiation of society and participation in political life, social rationalization and popular culture.
rational, empirical, impersonal) structures, refuses and fails to adapt itself to, and be transformed by, the routinization and bureaucratization that characterizes modern bureaucracy; at the same time, it is unable to maintain its original distinctive competence and identity (22).
This bureaucratization of the trade-union movement signified the virtual termination of ideological leadership to motivate rank-and-file labour.
Its characteristic features were "public-mindedness, accountability, bureaucratization, systematization, centralization and care for legality" (xiii).
Together with the enhanced regulatory regime to which impact fees are ineluctably linked, this new way of governing development has led to huge new opportunities at the local government level for socialist-minded reformers and has contributed to the bureaucratization of local government across the country.
The emphasis here, it seems to this reviewer, should not so much be on the "biologization" of the social work concerns, but rather on the further professionalization and bureaucratization of policy implementation and administration.
In addition, Haber examines the bureaucratization of professional academics and engineers.