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What does it mean when you dream about a burglar?

Dreaming about burglars can represent anxiety about someone taking something away. Less obviously, a dream burglar can be a neglected part of ourselves. (See also Robbery, Stealing, Thieves/Theft).

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Baker, 31, 15 Mashapaug Road, Sturbridge, three counts of malicious destruction of property valued at $250 or more, three counts of attempt to commit crime, breaking and entering at nighttime for felony, larceny over $250, and two counts of larceny under $250, all dismissed by request of the prosecution; trespass, found responsible; seven counts of breaking and entering at night for a felony, three counts of malicious destruction of property, five counts of larceny over $250, possession of a Class B drug, and possession of a burglarious instrument, guilty plea, found guilty, sentenced to one year of prison, with credit for 94 days served.
It was understandable in the days of "Watergate", the burglarious conspiracy which caused the unprecedented resignation of a US president, the bewildering, fascinating and sadly unlovable Richard Milhous Nixon.
t included a red light torch for "operators on burglarious enterprises" a "knock-out ampoule or tablet" designed to work on different metabolisms in a "reasonably predictable manner", an electronic device for opening combination safes and a "gun silencer which does not become less silent with use.
rather than ownership that determined whether an entry was burglarious.
Arms kept for the purpose of participating in the militia might also "serve for the defence of the life and property of the individual against the violent or burglarious attacks of thieves.
A particular branch of South Wales Anabaptists suffers from burglarious reputation under the word Jumpers, while Anabaptists are unambiguously branded as pickpockets under their own entry and that for Dippers.