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1. the chief magistrate of a town in Austria, Belgium, Germany, or the Netherlands; mayor
2. a popular name for the glaucous gull
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(German, Bürgermeister). (1) The highest official in municipal organs of state government in the German Democratic Republic (GDR) and in local organs of administration of some capitalist countries (the Federal Republic of Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Austria). In the GDR the burgomaster is elected by town meetings of deputies and is head of the executive body of the town meeting, the council. In capitalist countries the burgomaster plays a leading role in local administrative bodies; he is the representative of the central government, appoints and removes municipal employees, and is in charge of drawing up and carrying out the budget. Burgomasters are either elected by the municipal councils (for example, in most of the provinces of the Federal Republic of Germany), directly by the people (in the provinces of Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg in the Federal Republic of Germany), or appointed by the government (as in the Netherlands). In the provinces of Lower Saxony and Northern Westphalia (FRG), the burgomaster functions chiefly as a representative of the government, and local administration is concentrated in the hands of special officials, known as community directors, who are appointed by the community councils.

(2) In Russia a burgomaster is known as a burmistr.

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Turning back the clock 10 years to the official linking of the two towns, the deal was sealed at a special council meeting in Zutphen town hall on Friday, May 6, 1977, when the twinning agreement was signed by the Mayor of Shrewsbury and Atcham at the time, Councillor Mrs Winifred Jones, and the then Burgomaster of Zutphen, Mr Roeters van Lennep.
(13.) Gibala MJ, Little JP, van Essen M, Wilkin GP, Burgomaster KA, Safdar A, Raha S, Tarnopolsky MA.
Goebel held here the position of Kellner, a combination of burgomaster, steward, and judge, on behalf of the Archbishop-Elector of Cologne, by then Maximilian Friedrich von Konigsegg-Rothenfels (1708-84).
In Europe a Rathaus is a building such as a burgomaster's council hall, or any edifice serving as the seat of government.
In a triumph of authorial presence, Kafka arranges for his character to be met by the Burgomaster who "receives him in the name of the city." The Burgomaster welcomes him as an honored visitor.
Results showed that exercise with high intensity can improve factors such as weight loss, fat percentage and increase capacity of fat oxidation (Mara et al., 2007; Zilaei et al, 2012; Burgomaster et al, 2005).
Thus, Aloys Kaufmann (1772-1847), the burgomaster of Teschen (Silesia) bitterly bewailed the fact that Luther's teachings 'had undermined the concord among the peaceful town dwellers of our native city' and ignited 'the flames of discord'.
During the night of May 10-11, 1535, around forty Anabaptists managed to occupy Amsterdam's city hall, killing several burghers, members of the militia, and a burgomaster. The following day the Anabaptist uprising was defeated and the magistracy of Amsterdam, already criticized by the central government for its lenient treatment of heretics in their city, responded forcefully.
Altdorfer's rule was narrower, although he was nominated as Burgomaster. He was obliged to decline the nomination because of the intense work demanded by his masterpiece, The Battle of Issus, with its wonder of islands and alpine headlands on which a thousand distinct warriors of two nations encounter under a prodigious sea-washed sunrise.