chamber tomb

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passage grave, chamber tomb

In prehistoric Europe, a chamber approached by a long passage, of megalithic construction, covered and protected by an artificial mound.
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Tutankhamun's burial chamber is perhaps the best example so far of how Factum is documenting works of art with the most advanced methods currently available.
The adult mummies in KV 40 are largely fragmentary, likely torn apart by grave robbers, but infant corpses in the underground burial chamber remain intact, said researcher Susanne Bickel, of the University of Basel in
The skull of the possible murdered princess disappeared in Germany during World War II, but Thur found the rest of the bones in two niches in the burial chamber in 1985.
Follow this road for half a mile until you reach the sign for Burial Chamber on the right, go through the gate for Ty'n-y-coed and follow the drive to the farm.
VAN, Jan 3, 2011 (TUR) -- Burial chambers of Urartian King Argishti and his family in the western wing of the ancient castle in the eastern province of Van was opened for the first time.
Around 1,000 replica artefacts will be displayed in a reconstructed burial chamber.
Families can pre-purchase their own burial chamber for the sum of pounds 1,840.
Summary: Archaeologists in Egypt have unearthed the sarcophagus of the mysterious Queen Behenu inside her pyramid's 4,000 year old burial chamber.
SaqqaRA A French mission working at a site in Saqqara found the burial chamber of Queen Behenu.
Authors Simcha Jacobovici and Charles Pellegrino say scientists uncovered a burial chamber under an apartment building in 1980, inscribed with the names of the holy family.
Intriguingly, a red wine vessel was at the west wall of Tut's burial chamber and a white wine container was at the opposite wall.
An exact replica of the burial chamber of Thutmosis III is the centrepiece of the Immortal Pharaoh exhibition at EdinburghOs City Art Centre.