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combustion chamber

i. The section of the gas turbine engine into which fuel is injected and burned. The combustion results in very high temperatures, which expands the air flowing through the combustion chamber and directs it onto the turbine at a uniform speed and temperature. A large amount of air passes around the walls of the combustion chamber to protect them. The three main types of layouts used for combustion systems are the multiple chamber, turbo-annular or cannular chamber, and annular chamber. Also known as burners and combustors. See can-type combustor.
ii. In a reciprocating engine, the space above the top dead center. See clearance volume.
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The company says FACILE burners independently and automatically set up plant parameters such as temperature, pressure and boiler power, as well as reacting to ambient variables including altitude and climate.
The daily consumption of kitchen gas burners in Punjab and the Khyber-Pukhtunkhaw could be reduced to half with thermally efficient gas burners.
The new technologies announced today will enable 1,000 large-scale natural gas burners to be replaced by hydrogen burners at our plants across Japan.
Last Tuesday, he invited friends from the public and private sectors to witness the unveiling of his latest "baby," a brand-new thermal burner fabricated in Thailand using Japanese technology.
"When I saw these burners from Siemens in Sweden, I knew we could benefit from using them in a commercial turbine.
You don't have to live with broken down burners, though.
With its flat surface, the company said consumers can use the two induction burners at the same time for heating larger vessels.
I have two hobs and I replaced the existing locally manufactured burner with an imported hob made in Italy.
Caption: SECOND: Short bolts were replaced with 2.5-inch bolts, two per burner. Note that the burners themselves were not modified (it would be dangerous to do so).
Furnished with Vortex Premium Brass Burners with Cast Iron Pan Support, a full stainless steel body, and a tempered glass design, this table top cooker from Tecnogas is also equipped with the Direct Vortex Blue Flame that maximizes gas efficiency and durability.
Commander Williams " Mr Spencer said firefighters gave her safety advice about the proper use of candles and burners and the dangers of using products which were not meant to be burned.