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combustion chamber

i. The section of the gas turbine engine into which fuel is injected and burned. The combustion results in very high temperatures, which expands the air flowing through the combustion chamber and directs it onto the turbine at a uniform speed and temperature. A large amount of air passes around the walls of the combustion chamber to protect them. The three main types of layouts used for combustion systems are the multiple chamber, turbo-annular or cannular chamber, and annular chamber. Also known as burners and combustors. See can-type combustor.
ii. In a reciprocating engine, the space above the top dead center. See clearance volume.
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Multi-burner applications - control of up to 16 burners with one control unit
Now, maybe, I am being cynical but are wood burners not used to provide heat because it is cold due to the fact it is winter when days are short, nights long and the weather inclement?
A BIO-ethanol burner exploded while being refuelled, showering a Lichfield man in burning oil.
New burner management technology is increasing the efficiency and safety of oil and gas processing and giving greater protection to both workers and the surrounding environment.
This hot air is then forced by the blowers, via an eight inch (20 cm) diameter, galvanised steel pipe, over the top of the kiln and back to the primary air source of the burners (see figure 2).
com This sleek, shiny stainless steel barbecue has four burners plus a side burner.
3 shows the relation of inner temperatures of natural and forced air flow burners with burning time.
Urging residents to be vigilant, Paul Scott, the community safety team manager, said: "We would urge people to be particularly careful when using burners, scented oils and candles.
That will make it easier for the burners to fire up next time.
Compounding the confusion is the introduction of "double layer" media, where burners can write to both sides of a disc.
Today's DVD burners have become multi-writing hydras that all look fairly similar except for the names on the front.
By using the proven dye technology incorporated in its 8X DVD+R media as the platform for the new, more sensitive Advanced AZO technology, MKM engineers not only achieved 16X +R write speed, they ensured that the new media will maintain backward compatibility with existing DVD recorders and 1-8X DVD+R burners.