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1. a form of heat treatment used to harden and finish ceramic materials or to prepare certain ores for further treatment by calcination
2. overheating of an alloy during heat treatment in which local fusion or excessive oxide formation and penetration occur, weakening the alloy
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Conversion of one element to another by nuclear fusion, such as hydrogen to helium or helium to carbon.
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The firing of clay products placed in a kiln.
Permanent damage to a metal caused by heating beyond temperature limits of the treatment.
Deep pitting of a metal caused by excessive pickling.
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The flame cutting of metal plates to a desired shape.
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To write a write-once optical medium such as a CD-R, DVD-R or BD-R disc. Such a disc is considered "burned," because once recorded, it cannot be erased and rewritten. The term is also erroneously used for rewritable disks, such as CD-RWs and DVD-RWs, but rewritable media are not "burned;" they are "written." Burn means "once and done." See CD-R, DVD-R and DVD+R. See also burn in.

A Burned Disc
You can see the "burned" part of this CD-R disc by noticing the slight change in reflectivity on the recording side. In this example, the arrow points to the end of the small recorded area, which is less than 6% of the 700MB capacity of the disc.

Burning Man

An annual event that takes place in Black Rock City, a temporary venue in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada. The non-profit Burning Man Project organizes the event, which is held the week before Labor Day (www.burningman.org). Established in San Francisco in 1986, Burning Man was initially a celebration of the arts and radical, free expression. While its tag line is "a temporary metropolis dedicated to community, art, self-expression and self-reliance," it has evolved into a much higher-profile event, including social media and Silicon Valley personalities as well as celebrities. People register their "Burner Profile" for tickets and activities.

crypto burning

(CRYPTOcurrency burning) Taking cryptocurrency tokens out of circulation. By eliminating an amount of crypto, the value of the remaining coins should theoretically increase. Unsold tokens may be burned after an initial coin offering (ICO), while coins may be periodically burned for various purposes. For example, Binance burns BNB tokens because it committed to a total of 100 million burned. Tether burns an equivalent amount of tokens when the coins are withdrawn. See crypto glossary.
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The directors of LRAPA also raised fees charged for slash burning on land not regulated by the Oregon Department of Forestry.
A burning permit may be obtained at Fire Rescue Headquarters, 47 Auburn St., from 8 a.m.
Your priorities are to cool the burn (which stops the burning process and relieves the pain) and to monitor their breathing.
Over the coming weeks the fire service will be visiting markets in Ruthin, St Asaph, Mold, Gaerwen, Bryncir, Llanrwst and Dolgellau giving away torches branded with the controlled burning number and leaflets reminding landowners how to conduct a safe controlled burn.
Naval fuel burning graphology specific sizes follows from burning oscillogram transformation, experimentally obtained.
Instead, they're rallying government officials to prohibit burning household waste in backyard barrels.
This fire, the second largest in Larimer County history, started from a burning pile of brush gone awry.
Accel has been "clinically shown" to enhance fat burning, it claims.
* DO NOT remove burnt clothing unless it comes off easily, but do ensure that the victim is not in contact with burning or smoldering materials.
He had never been to Burning Man, the temporary city and arts fest that arises and disappears every year on Nevada's Black Rock desert playa, but he knew a couple of the event's organizers.
CDS Gold is a 7-in-1 suite designed to meet the needs of DVD burning hobbyists while CDS Platinum is a 9-in-1 suite offering a total solution for video enthusiasts.
Burning woody biomass has not always been considered a clean technology, since it often aggravates air pollution and exacerbates respiratory disease.