burnt umber

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A naturally occurring brown siliceous earth, containing hydrated iron oxide with small amounts of manganese oxide; used as a pigment in paint; turns red to reddish-brown when calcined, and then is called burnt umber.
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After wiping clean with a damp cloth, a little burnt umber acrylic paint was diluted with 10 parts water, and the brown-coloured liquid was applied over the whole surface with a sponge, following the direction of the wood grain.
Apply two coats of cream emulsion and create an aged look by brushing on a very diluted solution of burnt umber artist's watercolour paint, following the direction of the grain.
Baldeweg also uses brick (a soft warm red against existing burnt umber), partnered with cream metal cladding and bands of horizontal glazing that sit immaculately flush within the taut brick skin.
Colored with Scheele's green, iron oxide, yellow ochre, chrome yellow, burnt umber, Venetian red, turmeric, Prussian blue, indigo; adulterated with roasted peas, beans, wheat, rye, oats, chicory, brown bread, charcoal, red slate, bark, date stones." Mann had introduced the Pure Food and Drug Act in the House of Representatives, which passed on June 30.
Chocolate- and vanilla-layered cliffs, smooth golden domes, and burnt umber towers--some of the most varied and colorful landforms in Utah are in one of that state's least visited national parks.
There were five new sets of Body Shapes, each in a different color from a muted palette of maroon, ocher, and burnt umber. These are more sculptural than the works from the 1960s.
The form is bathed mostly in a metallic rose lustre with accents of gold, turquoise and burnt umber. The shimmering effect is a characteristic that Wood adopted in her wardrobe in later years.
His descriptions of the Klamath National Forest and the Six Rivers National Forest are chilling and lend a certain credence to the idea that something must be out there: The forest vanished suddenly, he writes, leaving only scrub brush and scattered splinter pines growing at odd angles from angular stone surfaces glazed with a sheen of ocher and burnt umber. The landscape he describes is a dangerous and unwelcoming one, a place where one might not trust ones own senses to explain what seems unexplainable, like gigantic footprints or horrific screams.When writing about the people involved in the search for Bigfoot, McLeod tends to err on the side of respect, with a healthy dose of skepticism to keep readers informed of his stance on the debate.
The artist begins by applying a thick layer of oil paint, most often in a burnt umber. With it, he quickly lays in the basic figures, shapes and shadows to establish the overall composition.
I would mix a burnt umber acrylic paint in a margarine container, add a little bit of black paint, add gloss medium and stir until it was well mixed.
Paint taped-off segments with burnt umber. Be sure to continue all paint lines onto the wrapped edges of the canvas.
"I really love using paint," he says, going on to explain that he uses a process ( layering paint over a wash of burnt umber ( that would have been known to the 17th-Century Dutch painter, Vermeer.