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(bo͞oshĕr`) or


(–shĭr`), city (1991 pop. 132,824), SW Iran, on the Persian Gulf. It is one of the chief ports of Iran, handling about 75% of Iran's foreign trade, and is the terminus of a trade route from Shiraz, Esfahan, and Tehran. An oil center for the region, Bushehr has thermoelectric and nuclear power plants and a fishing industry. Carpets, agricultural products, cotton, and wool are exported.

Bushehr was founded in 1736 by Nadir Shah. It was used by the British as a base for their Persian Gulf fleet in the 18th cent. and became a major commercial port in the 19th cent. It suffered heavy damage during the Iran-Iraq WarIran-Iraq War,
1980–88, protracted military conflict between Iran and Iraq. It officially began on Sept. 22, 1980, with an Iraqi land and air invasion of western Iran, although Iraqi spokespersons maintained that Iran had been engaging in artillery attacks on Iraqi towns
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 in the 1980s.

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Water well and pinch out tips to encourage bushier growth.
They're bushier and also don't drop their needles, plus have wonderfully fragrant cones.
important factors, and that the one in Bushier is one of the safest nuclear
Some drawings boast more than one row of 'fros, and some heads are bigger or bushier than others.
Biologists at L'Oreal's research laboratories in Paris have developed a gel that extends the length of time individual eyelashes grow for before they fall out, leading to longer and bushier eyelashes.
Toufiq Bin Fouzan Al Rabie'a has signed a contract with Al Bushier Trading & Contracting Co.
Frequently pinch the tips of the branches during the spring and summer to force side growth, making the fuchsia bushier, and pick off flowers as they fade to promote more blooming.
The seed heads resemble corn tassels, only bushier.
PINCH out the shoot tips on bedding plants to encourage bushier growth.
Pinch out growing points to encourage bushier plants.
I can certainly recommend the Nordmann, which is bushier and whose long green needles remained on my tree throughout the festivities, despite the poking and prodding it received from my young children.
The bushier it gets, the more likely it is that genes will be exchanged," which is good news to lumpers, he said.