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1. the chest of a human being, esp a woman's bosom
2. Art a sculpture of the head, shoulders, and upper chest of a person



a representation, most often a portrait, of a person from head to chest, executed in three-dimensional sculpture. Busts first appeared in ancient Egypt and ancient Greece, and became a distinct portrait form in ancient Rome (where a base was added to the composition). Busts subsequently became common in the art of the Renaissance and modern times.

Portrait busts were created by such artists as F. I. Shubin and S. I. Gal’berg in Russia and by N. A. Andreev, V. I. Mukhina, and N. V. Tomskii in Soviet times. Western European art saw the creation of busts by Donatello, Desiderio da Settignano, G. L. Bernini, J. A. Houdon, A. Rodin, C. Despiau, and others.

In the USSR monumental portrait busts are commissioned for two- and three-time Heroes of the Soviet Union as pro-vided by a decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR (1939).

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