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A prefabricated assembly of standard lengths of busbars rigidly supported by solid insulation and enclosed in a sheet-metal housing.
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1. A busbar.
2. A heavy, rigid electrical conductor that serves as a common connection between the source of electric power and the load circuits.

bus duct, busway

A prefabricated conduit which is used to enclose and protect bus running through it.
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What's more, an exclusive busway can always be converted to light rail.
Rao said the next thing he remembered was calling police after driving his car and becoming stuck on the guided busway. He admitted failing to renew his licence after his previous drink-drive conviction.
So for how long would one diesel busway linking our three South Wales cities, together nearly three times the size of Nantes, and none having any tram lines, be able to cope with the likely passenger demand?
The first would see the county council construct the project but ask the city council to manage and fund the busway operation.
"If you took a guided busway that linked Newport, Cardiff and Swansea, that would be a reasonably cheap option.
It is understood the boy was crossing the busway heading towards Crown Gate when he was struck by a bus.
Should the busway be built, what certainty is there that new users would be attracted.
They collect passengers along various local routes in the Huntingdon area before running along the guided busway into Cambridge.
A spokeswoman said: ``The reason for the delay is that consultants involved with the project are waiting for more comprehensive information.'' The scheme would see 180 buses per day running like trams on a fixed busway from a new park and ride site at Hoole, along the disused Mickle Trafford to Shotton railway line and into the centre of Chester.
CAMBRIDGE GUIDED BUSWAY: A 26km network of kerb-guided routes, bus-only roads and dedicated bus lanes.
Other measures to improve transport throughout Swansea include the establishment of an ``express busway''.
Councillors are predicting it could be the next major transport scheme in Cheshire to win government support, following the CDTS guided busway in Chester and the Alderley Edge bypass.