butanoic acid

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butanoic acid,

IUPAC name for butyric acidbutyric acid
or butanoic acid
, CH3CH2CH2CO2H, viscous, foul-smelling, liquid carboxylic acid; m.p. about −5°C;; b.p. 163.5°C;. It is miscible with water, ethanol, and ether.
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Combining the information of the IR spectrum and GC/MS results, we conclude that butanal, 2-butenal, acetic acid, butanoic acid, 1-butanol, water, and C[O.
Meanwhile, beta-damascenone, dimethyltrisulfide, methional, octalactone, butanoic acid and 3-/2-methylbutanoic acid were identified as potent odorants in dairy yogurt.
St Charles, MO) is a chelate of one Cu atom coordinated with two molecules of 2-hydroxy-4-methylthio butanoic acid (HMTBa).
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