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butcher block, chopping block

An assembly of rectangular blocks of hardwood which are edge-glued, joined by dowels, and then pressed together hydraulically; esp. used as a work surface in a kitchen.
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A The John Boos Broadway butcher's block is perfect for a country or period kitchen with its old-style design of rustic grey legs and shelf and wicker storage baskets.
They come in natural butcher's block timber in stores like Ikea, stone and granite lookalike in Wickes and B&Q.
Life seems idyllic for Wilbur until Templeton the rat cruelly lets slip that Wilbur will end up on the butcher's block.
If you've always dreamed of a kitchen with an island or a butcher's block, you might be glad to hear that you don't need the salary of a TV chef to be able to afford one.
Cases of raw chicken defrosting under the butcher's block table - specific fine pounds 1,000.
Hundreds of chickens destined for the Christmas table have been saved from the butcher's block at the 11th hour.
Butcher's Block Trolley, left, pounds 129 from McCord
Once saved from the butcher's block, Wilbur is found a new home at Zuckerman's Farm.
A BUTCHER'S block trolleys can be expensive as they are usually made from solid oak or trusty aluminium.
It's the fabulous butcher's block that top television designers Colin McAllister and Justin Ryan transformed from a humble tea trolley for a Home Record feature.
If you want to use your butcher's block for food preparation, you could tile the top - make sure you use an epoxy grout.
Battered and forlorn until he painted it with red Hammerite and topped it with a pounds 30 piece of hardwood, it makes an excellent butcher's block.