butcher bird

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butcher bird:

see shrikeshrike
or butcher bird,
predatory songbird found in most parts of the world except Australia and South America. The plumage of the European and North American species is mostly gray, black, and white; the tail is long and rounded, and the wings are rather short.
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The Butcher Bird was invincible and attempts by the RAF to shoot it down led to disastrous losses in aircraft and pilots.
The fighter plane, nicknamed the Butcher Bird by its German pilots, ended up in the drink off Bergen in Norway on 15 December 1943.
Rangers in Clocaenog Forest, Clwyd, have recorded at least three rare great grey shrikes, known as the butcher bird because of its violent feeding habits.
Carcasses have been found across Clocaenog which bear testimony to the grisly feeding habits of the Great Grey Shrike -known as the Butcher Bird because of the horrific way it dispatches its prey.