butcher bird

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butcher bird:

see shrikeshrike
or butcher bird,
predatory songbird found in most parts of the world except Australia and South America. The plumage of the European and North American species is mostly gray, black, and white; the tail is long and rounded, and the wings are rather short.
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Audiences watching the new play, aptly named The Butcher Bird, will discover from formerly classified events how a top-secret German plane became part of Welsh history.
The shrike, which feeds mainly on mice and other small mammals and birds in open forest areas, earned its alternative name as the butcher bird because of its eating habits.
The Great Grey Shrike or Butcher Bird is a very rare visitor to Britain -but this winter three have set up shop in the Clocaenog forest
A chorus of kookaburras, butcher birds and blue-faced honeyeaters awoke us ahead of our trip to see one of the world's top rock art areas.