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(byo͞ot), city (1990 pop. 33,336), seat of Silver Bow co., SW Mont.; inc. 1879. It is a trade, ranching, and industrial center. Mining dominated the city's life and economy from its establishment in 1862. Copper, as well as zinc, silver, manganese, gold, lead, molybdenum, and arsenic have been extracted from mines in the region; copper is still mined.

First an 1860s gold-hunters' camp, then an 1870s silver center, Butte gained importance when copper was discovered (c.1880) and Marcus DalyDaly, Marcus,
1841–1900, American copper magnate, b. Ireland. He went to New York City at 15 and later moved to California, where he worked as a miner. He was employed by the "silver kings," J. G. Fair and J. W. Mackay, at the Comstock Lode.
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 with his Anaconda Copper Mining Company began to exploit the "richest hill on earth." A huge open-pit mine, the Berkeley, opened in 1955; its expansion forced the relocation of one fifth of Butte's population.

"The Pit" was abandoned in 1982 and has filled with contaminated water draining from surrounding mines. The city, now the largest Superfund site in the nation, has become, in effect, a laboratory for environmental resuscitation efforts, and a number of pollution-remediation companies are based there. Montana Tech of the Univ. of the Montana is also in the city, and Butte is the headquarters of Deerlodge National Forest. Local attractions include museums of mining and minerals, Our Lady of the Rockies, and the Copper King Mansion, once the home of William A. ClarkClark, William Andrews,
1839–1925, U.S. Senator and copper magnate, b. Fayette co., Pa. He moved to Montana, where he amassed a large fortune from the development of copper mines.
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an isolated hill with steep sides and a flat top, resulting from the more rapid erosion of the surrounding areas. Buttes are characteristic of the plains of the W United States. See mesamesa
[Span.,=table], name given in the SW United States to a small, isolated tableland or a flat-topped hill. Two or more of the sides are steep and usually perpendicular and some have all four sides practically perpendicular.
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A detached hill or ridge which rises abruptly.
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One to three years will likely have to pass before the thinned portions of the butte don't appear freshly disturbed, Miller said.
Sesso also said many of the caps--vegetation and soil placed over mine waste--on the Butte Hill are not working or were not addressed in the first place.
Photo of the actual 6-pound Butte Nugget (http://www.
Self-Help is excited to be joining forces with Butte as we both work to provide fair and afford able financial services," Self-Help FCU President Steve Zuckerman said.
Grant worked for Montana Public Radio KUFM for five years and KGBA-FM, the University of Montana student-run radio station: "It will be a completely open access space where people can come to learn about music, learn how to broadcast, a center point of information about what's going on in Butte and arts in this town," Grant told The Montana Standard.
No small number of visitors arrive in pursuit of an authentic Butte pasty.
Both GE Aviation and SeaCast will invest in the Butte facility to handle higher volume.
The study came together, Butte says, because of a group of authors that have pain research and informatics backgrounds including Butte's student, Linda Liu; post-doctoral scholar David Ruau; Martin Angst, M.
All 14 Butte Community Bank branches were purchased by Rabobank, National Association of El Centro, for USD425.
5, Charlie Richmond, National Forests, effectively ended the process whereby CBMR (Crested Butte Mountain Resort) was making application to expand on Snodgrass Mountain across the valley.
With national attention focused on renewable energy policies, Butte College cemented its leadership in use of solar power by unveiling three new solar projects which will help the college achieve its goal of becoming a carbon neutral campus by 2015.
Introduction--The Turtle Butte Formation, exposed on Turtle Butte, in Tripp County, South Dakota, has yielded a diverse paleofauna.