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common name for a fish of the family Stromateidae (butterfish family), a family of fishes with almost circular bodies and small mouths. The butterfish, or dollarfish (genus Peprilus), is found from Maine to South Carolina during the summer.
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It's much easier for chicks to swallow narrow-bodied species like white hake than larger, oval-shaped species like butterfish.
They are the Gulf of Mexico gag grouper, Gulf of Maine/Cape Hatteras butterfish and Mid-Atlantic Coast golden tilefish.
Fish such as gobies, blennies, butterfish and scorpion fish also live here.
Mid-Atlantic Small Mesh Trawl Fishery for Squid, Mackerel, and Butterfish, 1996
Already established as a favourite destination among the capital's connoisseurs, the French-inspired Bentley's Bistro & Bar is offering a two-course set lunch menu of handpicked signature dishes including roast butternut soup with toasted pumpkins and pan seared butterfish, beetroot and radicchio with a caramel glaze from Dh125.
On the evening an array of different fish was suggested like sweet potato and grilled squid with chilli jam, Sumac butterfish with brick or pink pepper with black salt, smoked bacon and tarragon quiche with purple lavender, BBQ pork with onion jam and red bell Muhamara sauce.
A shortage of herring meant that puffin parents could only offer their young fish foods like butterfish, which were much too big for the little birds to swallow.
On the coast of Pakistan, there are more than 30 species of shrimps, 10 species of crabs, 5 species of lobster and about 70 commercial species of fish including sardine, Hilsa, shark, Mackerel, Butterfish, Pomfret, Sole, Tuna, sea bream, Jew fish and Cat Fish, Shark, and Eel are found.
It comes from a species that we call butterfish because it's so buttery and oily," he adds.
Experiments on the culture in the sea of the butterfish Venerupis decussata L.