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common name for a fish of the family Stromateidae (butterfish family), a family of fishes with almost circular bodies and small mouths. The butterfish, or dollarfish (genus Peprilus), is found from Maine to South Carolina during the summer.
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Fish such as gobies, blennies, butterfish and scorpion fish also live here.
You'll see big groups of friends and families enjoying not only sushi but a wealth of other Asian specialties, including fried rice, egg rolls, miso soup, ginger scallops and broiled butterfish.
The four southern species - black sea bass, summer flounder, longfin squid and butterfish - all showed a northeastward or upshelf shift.
Data from observers are used to estimate bycatch of protected species, and to estimate the butterfish catch rate, which is applied to a butterfish mortality cap for the directed Loligo fishery.
Already established as a favourite destination among the capital's connoisseurs, the French-inspired Bentley's Bistro & Bar is offering a two-course set lunch menu of handpicked signature dishes including roast butternut soup with toasted pumpkins and pan seared butterfish, beetroot and radicchio with a caramel glaze from Dh125.
On the evening an array of different fish was suggested like sweet potato and grilled squid with chilli jam, Sumac butterfish with brick or pink pepper with black salt, smoked bacon and tarragon quiche with purple lavender, BBQ pork with onion jam and red bell Muhamara sauce.
Small and medium Summer Flounder were grouped together, with diets consisting of both pelagic and benthic prey, including Butterfish (Peprilus triacanthus; 15.
A shortage of herring meant that puffin parents could only offer their young fish foods like butterfish, which were much too big for the little birds to swallow.
Usually called black cod, here titled broiled butterfish ($8.
If you're heading for the coast why not try a rockpool ramble at Souter Lighthouse where you can discover a variety of marine life including butterfish, star fish, crabs and seahorses.
The Steam Express range now includes fresh-from-the-microwave vegetable selections, and two new ready meals; butterfish with potato slices, asparagus and dill and chicken with basmati rice, oriental vegetables and lemongrass.
One man relishing the business- class atmosphere of discovery as Ireland flew east yesterday, on a diet of chicken tarragon, roast rabbit and Japanese butterfish, was captain Keane.