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, common name for the Loganiaceae, a family of herbs, shrubs, and trees of warmer climates, including many woody climbing species. Some plants of this family are grown in the United States as ornamentals, and several are sources of medicines and poisons.
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a genus of plants of the family Buddleiaceae (formerly assigned to the family Loganiaceae). They consist of shrubs or small trees, sometimes herbs. Blossoms are usually small, numerous, variously colored, and gathered into large inflorescences. There are approximately 100 species distributed in tropical and temperate regions of America, Asia, and South Africa. Some species of Buddleia have been cultivated as ornamentals. David’s buddleia (B. davidii, B. variabilis) is a small tree with fragrant blossoms; it originated in China and has many garden forms. Other species can also be cultivated in gardens of the southern USSR. Buddleia grows rapidly; some plants begin to blossom at two or three years of age.


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any ornamental shrub of the genus Buddleia, esp B. davidii, which has long spikes of mauve flowers and is frequently visited by butterflies: family Buddleiaceae
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First report of tomato ringspot virus in butterfly bush (Buddleia davidii).
Moths were initially observed orienting to butterfly bush flowers on the campus of Washington State University, Pullman, Washington, USA in late afternoon (P J.
Draw bees and hummingbirds to your garden with pollinator-friendly flowers such as butterfly bush, echinacea, lavender, penstemon, and salvia.
Volunteers worked downstream from Tyndall Street to clear rubbish that had built up over years along with invasive plants and bushes (including the butterfly bush, buddleia) that was in danger of blocking the channel.
One way is to try and grow a butterfly bush in your garden and such plants as lavender etc.
Let's ignore the cold snap and look ahead to the warm spring weather to follow by making your very own butterfly bush with the children.
Although their common name is butterfly bush there wasn't a single butterfly to be seen and though they were alive with bees, there was no other insects to be seen anywhere as I walked along.
Perhaps the most favoured ornamental shrub by gardeners is the buddleia, known as the butterfly bush.
Plant a window box or garden with plants pollinators love, like butterfly bush, mint, or any plant with red tubular flowers.
This committee categorizes as weeds many prized and commercially popular garden staples--from European buckthorn (Rhamnus cathartica), a Eurasian immigrant planted as specimen trees or dense hedges, to butterfly bush (Buddleja davidii), a shrub promoted for its fragrant, bright-colored flowers.
The state also recently added butterfly bush to the list.
The Alpaflor Alp-Organic line includes such extracts as white genepi, butterfly bush, hyssop, white hore hound, plantain, elder flowers and thyme.