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What does it mean when you dream about buttons?

Buttons as fasteners (as opposed to campaign buttons) are closely related to the symbolism of clothing. Clothing frequently represents the outer self or persona. Thus, tight buttons (tight clothing) may indicate the feeling of being bound by our social roles, and the act of unbuttoning the opening of the self to others (or, in some instances, sexual opening).

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Well, and it is a good thing for the honour of the Maccolls," said Alan, and then to me, "Here is my button back again, and I thank you for parting with it, which is of a piece with all your friendships to me.
Individuals that undergo the procedure have asked to have their new belly buttons modeled after stars like Jessica Simpson and model Emily Ratajkowski, according to (https://www.
The power of the buttons connection to the cloud is seen not only in transaction simplicity for the user, but also in an IoT enterprises ability to gain knowledge of consumer behavior to increase customer and brand loyalty.
Since ages, buttons have been an important part of the clothing and fashion industry, used as tiny fasteners or adornment on the clothes.
Edgewell Personal Care announced the availability of six new Amazon Dash Buttons for individual brands, including its femcare brands Playtex Sport, Carefree and Stayfree.
Members can now choose from over 100 Dash Buttons representing top-name brands across dozens of retail categories and thousands of products.
The astronaut Admiral and his corndog-wielding turtle sidekick, Ace, will adorn advertisements, merchandise and admittance buttons Riverfest 2015, May 29-June 6.
Central Electoral Commission (CEC) turned production of buttons for Members of Parliament into business, representative of non-governmental organization Jenish Moldokmatov said at the parliamentary committee session on March 12.
The home button sticker also provides more comfortable access to the concave home buttons on the iDevices.
Following the press frenzy with Melissa's dress buttons slipping off the other day, causing quite a dress-less upset in her concert in Dubai , another missing button has come to light and caught the media's roving eye.
He has collected over 700 British military buttons - some dating as far back as 1700.