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A term that refers to the latest technology or just sounds catchy. Artificial intelligence (AI) is the hot buzzword today. Like all major buzzwords in the past, AI is often overused and abused (see AI).

Other buzzwords are blockchain, Bitcoin, IoT and augmented reality. Just a few months ago, cloud, big data and smartwatch were hot topics. A few years ago, social networking, Web 2.0, Twitter, Facebook, smartphone, tablet and green were all the rage. See cloudwashing.

In the beginning, everyone uses cutting edge terms to appear knowledgeable (see buzzword compliant). However, if not a flash in the pan, new technologies become mainstream, and the words eventually become everyday vocabulary. See disruptive technology.

"Nano" This - "Nano" That
Nanotechnology was very popular right after the turn of the century. The "nano" prefix was tacked onto existing manufacturing processes that had already been dealing with microscopic elements for years. Some companies even added "nano" to their corporate name to take advantage of the buzz (see nanotechnology).

Old Buzzwords
The last half of the 1990s brought us numerous Internet buzzwords, including Java, intranet and e-commerce. Early industry buzzwords were client/server in the 1990s, distributed computing in the 1980s and MIS in the 1970s.

Just Plain Small
The "nano" term is sometimes used to simply mean "small," as in this mouse transceiver from Microsoft. When plugged into a USB port, it protrudes only a quarter inch.
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For example, community service is the new buzz phrase at Goodlass Nerolac Paints Ltd., which recently sponsored an event for senior citizens in one Indian city.
Universal service seems to be the buzz phrase among policy-makers on Capitol Hill and regulators at the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).
Recently, the buzz phrase, "information literacy" has given life to many philosophical issues within librarianship.
As a lifelong devotee of words, let me close by sharing with you one of the delights of my life, the Systematic Buzz Phrase Projector, which some say originated from the Royal Canadian Air Force.
SYDNEY "Local programming" -- that's the buzz phrase that consumed Oz programmers when readying 2002 schedules.
New Economy gurus have a nifty buzz phrase for the phenomenon of using philanthropy to lure customers--"cause marketing." Workplace charity drives are "corporate-giving solutions," and volunteer programs are designed to "maintain competitive advantage and loyalty" Online retailer eToys does not support Rosie's Readers for the sake of improving literacy, but rather, according to a marketing report from Boston-based consultancy Cone Inc., "because the Internet company is leveraging its resources to develop a comprehensive cause program to significantly impact their brand while making a difference within the community."
A CURRENT HOME BUILDING BUZZ PHRASE IS "mass customization," the notion that all future homes will be unique and will cost no more than the average tract home.
How to Become An Employer of [Choice.sup.SM], defines the latest buzz phrase "Employer of [Choice.sup.SM]" and describes how enlightened employers can differentiate themselves in our turbulent world of work.
There is no denying that Customer Relationship Management (CRM) has become the latest direct marketing buzz phrase. But how exactly does it work?
Let's go back to Grierson and the idea of the Board as something that would interpret Canada to Canadians and the world, which was the buzz phrase at the time.
Since the dull days, the industry has continued its transformation with greater emphasis on integrated systems, smart IT solutions, and the new buzz phrase of `total airport management'.
"Convergent media" - the buzz phrase that refers to the Internet's increasing role in all things informational - and how brands transcend platforms will be two major themes at PROMAX '99.