buzz saw

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circular saw

circular saw
A power-operated saw in the form of a circular steel blade with teeth along the perimeter. Also see table saw.
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We're walking into a buzz saw unless we bring in laypeople to help.
EVERY DAY, LIKE CLOCKWORK, the buzz saw would go off at nine in the morning, not ceasing its loud labors until well after five.
The workbolsters the counterintuitive notion that glaciers, rather than just carving down young peaks into eroded hills like a buzz saw, could sometimes protect high jagged terrain.
1 steel 40 yds 79% avg Good core LONG RANGE FULL Hevi-Metal BB 40 yds 83% avg Solid print Winchester Xpert 40 yds 92% avg Buzz saw No.
Regarding "Benedict to step into buzz saw of dissent during upcoming UK visit" (NCR, Sept.
Earlier he remarked that reform had run into "a little bit of a buzz saw," in Brown's victory, attributing it to "special interests and armies of lobbyists and partisan politics.
His hits included Rainforest (1968), with a set designed by Andy Warhol that consisted of giant helium-filled silver pillows, and Winterbranch was a piece based on the theme of falling, with a buzz saw soundtrack by La Monte Young; Crises meanwhile had the dancers bound by giant elastic bands.
Heard Torchwood's replication of the Cardiff buzz saw lately?
Ginger Punch, trained by Bobby Frankel, had won five of her past six races before running into a buzz saw named Zenyatta, who appears to improve with each race.
The Times story noted that Shays made an abrupt about-face on the issue after repeatedly running into a buzz saw at meetings in his district.
He's heading to that buzz saw, better known as the American Red Cross, where he'll be vice president of governmental relations and public policy.
The Tin Man (who looks like a walking boiler) has rocket boots and a buzz saw instead of an axe; and Dorothy looks more like a country girl, wearing pants, a jacket and wristbands with stars on them.