buzz saw

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circular saw

circular saw
A power-operated saw in the form of a circular steel blade with teeth along the perimeter. Also see table saw.
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The piece is danced to Arnold Schoenburg's atonal score with its Sprechstimme--that unmistakable mix of song and guttural voice-talk that had soprano Linda Hirst grittily hissing and howling out the text as her voice ran chromatically up and down a scale like a buzz saw.
He added: "If I'm going to take a buzz saw to anything, I'm taking a buzz saw to editorial to lower [the age of] the demographic.
Not all uncontrollable risk is financial, but the CEO faces an immediate buzz saw when markets move rapidly and exposure to variables of risk mushrooms unexpectedly.
Cleverly disguised within this literary buzz saw are enlightening capsules of real life drama that prod readers to examine their own definition of morality, justice, and accountability.
HOLDEN -- Fourth-seeded Wachusett Regional ran into a buzz saw known as Franklin High in Thursday night's Central Mass.
The album kicks off with the buzz saw of Tus Nua followed by psychedelic groover Misinformation.
s newest songs, uses machine-gun delivery and buzz saw riffs to deliver a hefty dose of hard-core thrash.
Ginger Punch, trained by Bobby Frankel, had won five of her past six races before running into a buzz saw named Zenyatta, who appears to improve with each race.
We just ran into a buzz saw (Friday),' De Carolis said.
Well, I mean that Lithuania and the other former captive nations that seemingly have embraced the EU recently could actually end up leading the members of the EU's ruling commission into a buzz saw of unfriendly national referendums.
Computer expert Jonathan Bennison first tried to cut his head off using a powerful buzz saw.
So when I started talking about corporate welfare, for example, I ran into a buzz saw in the White House.