buzz saw

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circular saw

circular saw
A power-operated saw in the form of a circular steel blade with teeth along the perimeter. Also see table saw.
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We would watch, enraptured, as Dad and Coke muscled logs up onto the buzz saw's cradle.
I checked with him and he said, "I shoulda said what I was thinking, which was 'Hey, these look just like Mag-na-port vents so that means they 're done right!'" I do recall earlier designs he mentioned (not from Mag-na-port!) and some did, indeed, look like they were cut haphazardly with buzz saws!
There is a real sense of an emotional tug of war being fought out on piano, accordion, a buzz saw fuzz box banjo and a rhythm section where the silences are as pregnant with meaning as the polished percussive beats.
Describing themselves as an eclectic mix of alternative rock and new wave, The Last Year says that their latest songs are “limitless” with “everything from buzz saw synth to airy atmospheric ambience to 80s drum sequence loops,” according to Ensign, who co-produced the EP alongside Barr.
Crawling into your brain like a legless zombie, singer Jill O'Sullivan is out-Karen-Oing Karen O, and the music fires up the buzz saw guitar.
One of the first classes, CON 090 Fundamentals of Acquisition Regulation, is also known as "contracting boot camp," and it is a buzz saw of a class.
COUNTRYSIDE: Because we heat our little North Dakota home with a 112-yearold Superior 227 wood burning stove, our buzz saw is essential to our homestead.
Something new had to be devised for the new show The Curse of the Devil Doll and it was decided that she would be used in an illusion where she would be laid on a slab and be sliced in half in the jaws of a giant buzz saw! If you can stomach it, Circus of Horrors could be just what you are looking for now Halloween is a distant memory.
We're walking into a buzz saw unless we bring in laypeople to help."
EVERY DAY, LIKE CLOCKWORK, the buzz saw would go off at nine in the morning, not ceasing its loud labors until well after five.
The workbolsters the counterintuitive notion that glaciers, rather than just carving down young peaks into eroded hills like a buzz saw, could sometimes protect high jagged terrain.
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