buzz saw

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circular saw

circular saw
A power-operated saw in the form of a circular steel blade with teeth along the perimeter. Also see table saw.
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He stated he shied away from ported pistols because early attempts used big holes drilled on the top of slides or lateral trenches looking like they were cut using a buzz saw. As the company which pioneered firearm porting I'm surprised to find his praise of the smaller oblong ports at 10 and 2 o'clock about 0.5" from the muzzle venting gases at "V" angles as a new evolution--when it is exactly what we've been doing for over 44 years.
Le Roy also produced land rollers, manure spreaders, buzz saws, harrows, discs, garden cultivators, row markers, pulverizers, packers and the Boss potato digger.
The Eagles ran into buzz saws mid-season last fall against Alma and Greenwood, but otherwise put up good numbers.