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A term that refers to the latest technology or just sounds catchy. Artificial intelligence (AI) is the hot buzzword today. Like all major buzzwords in the past, AI is often overused and abused (see AI).

Other buzzwords are blockchain, Bitcoin, IoT and augmented reality. Just a few months ago, cloud, big data and smartwatch were hot topics. A few years ago, social networking, Web 2.0, Twitter, Facebook, smartphone, tablet and green were all the rage. See cloudwashing.

In the beginning, everyone uses cutting edge terms to appear knowledgeable (see buzzword compliant). However, if not a flash in the pan, new technologies become mainstream, and the words eventually become everyday vocabulary. See disruptive technology.

"Nano" This - "Nano" That
Nanotechnology was very popular right after the turn of the century. The "nano" prefix was tacked onto existing manufacturing processes that had already been dealing with microscopic elements for years. Some companies even added "nano" to their corporate name to take advantage of the buzz (see nanotechnology).

Old Buzzwords
The last half of the 1990s brought us numerous Internet buzzwords, including Java, intranet and e-commerce. Early industry buzzwords were client/server in the 1990s, distributed computing in the 1980s and MIS in the 1970s.

Just Plain Small
The "nano" term is sometimes used to simply mean "small," as in this mouse transceiver from Microsoft. When plugged into a USB port, it protrudes only a quarter inch.
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It was the way in which our grandparents played their part in the recycling efforts before recycling became the buzz word it is today.
Synergy is the buzz word that usually pops up when two firms come together and that other euphemism, rationalisation, begins to be heard.
They give us what we show them we want and, at the moment, the buzz word is "suffering".
GREEN may be a buzz word in many industries but one Welsh architect has taken it to the extreme.
It followed a run of four straight away wins in the league and a run of eight unbeaten Premier League matches which have made Villa a buzz word throughout English football.
So much for his buzz word of the moment, "tolerance".
Empowerment" seems to be the new buzz word used by the politicians.
Is it because of an underlying psychological condition, a deep-rooted childhood trauma, a personality disorder, bullying, abuse, boredom, frustration, an outlet for that bandied about buzz word "stress"?
My buzz word for the market is that it's 'transitioning,''' Appleton- Young said.
Rowling's Potter series provoked -- to use the current buzz word in reviewers circles -- frissons of excitement among viewers on both sides of the Atlantic.
Sanction' is the new buzz word - it's used as a threat to unemployed, young and old, who fail to comply with the Government's unpaid work schemes.
Integration has become a buzz word in recent years, but then this has sometimes been offset by health and safety regulations so disabled children, for example, have not been allowed to join mainstream after school clubs because the facilities and support is not there for them.